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Sunday, 19 November 2017

This Is What Happened When Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Came Face To Face At Serena Williams Nuptials

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ended up in the same room at Serena Williams’ wedding and according to reports there was no shade whatsoever.
Read excerpts below via TMZ:

Sources tell us Kim and Beyonce were actually cordial Thursday night at Serena Williams’ wedding … and they even exchanged hellos in the VIP section set up to avoid paps lingering outside.
As you know … Jay-Z and Kanye West haven’t spoken in a long time, ever since Kanye attacked Bey in 2016. That was followed by Ye’s lawsuit alleging Jay’s Tidal owes him over $3 mil.
While Jay and Kanye once had a super close relationship  … the same can’t be said about Kim and Bey. They’re not friends — in fact we’re told Bey never really liked Kim, although Kim never harbored a grudge. 
Nevertheless, they still acted friendly around each other … not that they had a choice. Not only do they have a ton of mutual friends, but running into each other was inevitable with just a handful of A-listers in the tent.
At one point the ladies were spotted getting champagne together.
Onlookers tell us Bey and Kim were standing at the VIP bar together, ordering a glass of champagne before celebrating the bride.
We would have loved to have been a fly on THAT wall.

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