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Sunday, 17 September 2017

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: Kevin Hart Issues Public Apology To Wife & Kids As Alleged Mistress Speaks Out

Kevin Hart took to Instagram to apologize to his wife and kids for his actions.
What actions, you say?
Well, we’re not sure yet — but it sounds like infidelity.

UpdateSources who have seen the video tell TMZ there are several clips. The first appears to show a woman and Kevin in a club getting cozy. The tape then cuts to a bed, where you don’t see the people in the bed … but hear it creaking and someone getting slapped. You never see Kevin in the 2nd clip. The 3rd clip shows 2 people milling around a room, one of them looks vaguely like Kevin.
We’re told the person allegedly extorting Kevin has demanded payment from him to avoid the tape’s release.
In his apology, Kevin mentions having bad judgement, putting himself in the wrong environment, and hurting the people closest to him — namely his wife and kids.
Check out the video below.

Monique ‘MoMo’ Gonzalez, the woman who was caught spending time with Kevin Hart in the back of a car at 5am in Miami a few months ago, took to Instagram in the wake of Kevin's apology.
As reported, Kevin issued a public apology to his wife and kids after news that he was caught on tape doing sexual things with an as-yet unidentified woman surfaced.
Accompanying a picture of herself, MoMo writes :
“The truth always comes to light.”
It’s unclear if she’s directly referencing her alleged relationship with Kevin, but the timing is more than suspect. She left the comments in the post and they’re full of speculation and accusations.
Take a look:

This is getting messier by the minute.

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