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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Keke Palmer Puts Kylie Jenner On Blast After Boob Job

Keke Palmer slammed Kylie Jenner‘s radical transformation from an ugly duckling to a socialite with double DD breasts. The 23-year-old actress criticized the teenager for caving to Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty standards.

Keke added her voice to the chorus of social media users shaming Jenner for getting lip injections, breast and butt implants, and other plastic surgeries.
“Specifically in the situation with Kylie, where you’ve had a young girl people have seen on television since she was a kid and they literally told her she was so ugly — the ugly person in the family. She went and did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful. The even crazier part is that everybody loves her for it,” Palmer said.

The ‘Scream Queens’ actress said millennials like Jenner should be true to themselves and love the way they are.
“There’s nothing more important in life than being true to ourselves and being 100 percent loving to ourselves,” she explained. “Putting our feelings [first] how we wanna feel and do that above what anybody thinks no matter how impossible, selfish, weird, scary. or embarrassing that may seem.

“When I realized that, I realized that’s what it means to be confident. Confidence is me making choices that empower me.”
Photos by GPR / Premiere / BACKGRID

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