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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Imagine That: Man Arrested For Attempting To Mail This Venomous Cobras In Potato Chips Cans

A man has been arrested for attempting to illegally ship three deadly king cobras into the United States using potato chip cans.
Read excerpts via TMZ:

Federal agents arrested a California man for smuggling the killer reptiles using the U.S. Postal Service back in March. The snakes were discovered by Customs and Border Protection agents who inspected the package and discovered the 2 foot long cobras — each in its own potato chip canister. The cobras can grow up to 18 feet long. On the non-lethal side … he also allegedly smuggled 9 turtles.
Feds say the man admitted similarly smuggling TWENTY other king cobras in 2 prior shipments … but they were all DOA.
The suspect was charged Tuesday with one count of illegal importing and faces up to 20 years in prison.
As for the 3 cobras — we’re told 2 are in the San Diego Zoo, and the other is getting snake charmed … by God. It died.
This man got 20 cobras into the US before he got caught? That’s insane.

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