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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Kelly Rowland Reveals Beyonce's Mum Tina Lawson Was Behind Destiny's Child's Mannequin Challenge


Did you catch Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams’ version of the Mannequin Challenge?
Well, according to Kelly it was all Tina Lawson’s idea.

Read excerpts via ET:

“We pretty much get together a lot. And of course people got a chance to see that because we felt like sharing,” she told ET when asked about a potential Destiny’s Child reunion. “And it was actually Bey’s mom, Tina. She’s like y’all should do the Mannequin Challenge, and I’m looking over like, ‘How do you know about the Mannequin Challenge?’ She knows about everything cool, by the way.”

Thanks to Tina’s encouragement, Beyonce, Rowland, and Michelle Williams also posed for the Internet phenomenon.
“I don’t even know who started this Mannequin Challenge, but I think it’s freaking genius. Now it’s up in the White House, you got Destiny’s Child doing it. It’s just really crazy but it was very cool,” the 35-year-old recording artist gushed.

Moving forward, Rowland is more focused on her new music than any sort of reunion.
“It’s one of my favorite records that I’ve recorded so far,” she said of her upcoming album. “I wanted the record to be authentically me. And I’ve done that.”

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