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Friday, 24 June 2016

Chris Brown's Former Manager Sues Him And Accuses Him Of Beating Him Up

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Chris Browwn has accused of beating the sh*t out of the manager he once hired to rehabilitate his image after the whole Rihanna incident.

Read excerpts via TMZ:

Mike G claims he was hired in 2012 not only to change Brown’s image but to get him out of debt and off drugs. Mike G says he did well by Chris, who had a resurgence in popularity. 
Things allegedly turned bad last month, but Mike G claims without provocation, Brown took him in a room, brutally attacked him with repeated punches to the face and neck which landed him in the ER.

The lawsuit claims Brown, rather than being remorseful, began mocking Mike G on social media and bragging to friends about the beating. Mike G says Brown had the audacity to tell people working on his tour, if they got out of line he’d beat them just like he beat Mike G.
Mike G says Brown’s rage was drug-fueled and worries about retaliation from Brown’s “gang member friends.” 

Do you believe Mike G?

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