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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Pics: Drake, Future And Idris Elba On The Cover Spread Of GQ Magazine As World's Most Stylish Men

future covers gq magazine

GQ magazine paid tribute to 13 of the most stylish male celebrities in the western hemisphere. The 13 fashion-conscious men include Drake, Future, Idris Elba, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr., Ryan Reynolds, and Harry Styles.

future covers gq magazine

Drake, Idris and Future were honored with their own individual covers (online only).
Rather than set up expensive photo shoots for the guys, GQ editors took the cheap route by slapping candid photographs on the covers.

The leading menswear fashion publication had this to say about Future:
Wide-brimmed hats are to the slurring, swerving Atlanta rapper born Nayvadius Wilburn what white suits are to Tom Wolfe: an instantly recognizable daily uniform. Look closely at these three and you’ll notice they’re all the same basic style. They’ve got the teardrop crown of a traditional fedora, and the brims have an Outback flair. “They were definitely considered an old guy’s hat until Future started wearing them,” says Marc Williamson, proprietor of FlameKeepers Hat Club in Harlem. “Now we get plenty of calls from guys wanting the ‘Future hat.’ ” That’s because context is everything. Future wears his geezer hats like a hipster, turning them into streetwear. “It’s a look that’s enhanced by just a leather jacket or a T-shirt,” Williamson says. “And that’s how Future gets down.”

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