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Friday, 1 April 2016

Do You Know How It Feels To Be Extremely Tall Like This Man?


Want to know what it is like being exceptionally tall? Read this article from Quora written by Ashley Pearson who is 6 foot 7 tall.

What People Say
I get the usual stuff:
  • Do you play basketball? Well, you should.
  • Do you play sports?
  • Do you fall over a lot?
I also get shocked when I see someone taller than me. It makes me feel weird. Probably the same weird I make everyone else feel.

On His Weight
I struggle to put on weight, but I also have Crohn’s disease, so it’s like a double whammy of hard.

What Annoys Other People about His Height
I annoy people by standing at the front of festivals and music events. I want to see the band just as much as the next guy, why should I stand at the back and miss out?

How His Relationship is Affected
In my relationship, it doesn’t cause any problems. We are both used to it after being together for five years. I fit in the bed just fine, and don’t take up all the space. Living with me is like living with a normal guy.

He also says he always gets asked to bring down things from the top of the shelf at work, he finds clothes easily, and fun fact about umbrellas:
Umbrellas are a nightmare. And I live in the UK, where it rains all the time. I am eye height with all the umbrella spokes, and constantly have to move them out of my way to avoid my eye being poked out.
That’s what life is like as an exceptionally tall person.

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