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Monday, 14 March 2016

Tragic: Unattended Cameroonian Woman Pregnant With Twins Dies Outside Hospital

Koumateke Monique_Cameroon_BellaNaija

Thirty-one year old, Monique Koumateke was inflicted by labour complications and rushed to Laquintini Hospital by her partner on Saturday 12th March, 2016.

The pregnant woman of two was left unattended outside the maternity unit of the hospital for a few hours and died as she was unable to sustain the delay.
Her niece was then forced to rescue her babies through C- section in order to preserve life.
Sadly, there are rumors that both Monique and her seven month old twins died outside the hospital.

As a result, an outrage broke out on the streets of Douala, on Sunday 13th March 2016, where hundreds gathered to protest.
Africanews explains that most”doctors and nurses are constantly accused of neglecting the sick who cannot afford healthcare”.

Unfortunately, there are no updates so far on the corpse or her twins, but the masses are rattled by the lack of understanding from professionals at the hospital and the death of this pregnant woman.
See some photos from the scene below:

Koumateke Monique_Cameroon_2BellaNaija
Koumateke Monique_Cameroon_3BellaNaija

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