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Friday, 11 March 2016

Police Investigate Mysterious Death Of This Popular Instagram Model

Brittaney Burnett

Brittaney Burnett accomplished more in her life than most 28 year olds. Her natural curves made her an instant star on, where narcissism and self-obsession are rewarded by ‘Likes’ and ‘follows’.

Brittaney Burnett

On, Burnett went by the username “Brittaneyyy.”
One of her 54,000 male fans and female admirers was the Canadian rapper Drake, who cast the bottom heavy model in rapper Kendrick Lamar’s music video, “Poetic Justice.”

Now Burnett’s family is seeking justice. The family believes Burnett was murdered.
A family member found Burnett dead in her bed this past weekend. An empty container of pills on the nightstand convinced police that she may have taken her own life.
But her family believes she was poisoned with those same pills.

The family set up a GoFundMe account to pay for Burnett’s funeral costs.
Burnett’s mother reacted angrily to the comments left on Burnette’s page, where the messages alternate between skepticism that she’s really dead and criticism of the Gofundme account.
“Her loss is a tragedy, but her life was a masterpiece!” the family wrote on “Please support the celebration of her life, by making a donation towards the memorialization of her life.”

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