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Monday, 14 March 2016

Donald Trump Cancels Rally In Chicago As Thousands Lead Protests Instigated By Chris Brown

chris brown

Earlier this past weekend, singer Chris Brown urged protestors to travel to protest Donald Trump’s rallies in large groups. Over 1,000 protestors answered the call in Chicago tonight, where Trump was expected to hold court at the UIC Pavilion.

Trump canceled his rally tonight at the UIC Pavilion as incidents of violence erupted inside the UIC Pavilion.

Trump’s supporters took to social media to accuse the anti-Trump side of intentionally instigating violence at Trump rallies.
Brown, 26, vented his anger on social media after viewing video of a Trump supporter punching a black protestor at a Trump rally in North Carolina.

“Man, this s–t is getting crazy. Black people getting assaulted at f–king rallies where you’re supposed to talk at,” Brown said in an Instagram video.
The father-of-one urged protestors to “go together” to Trump rallies to show Trump’s supporters there is strength in numbers.
10,000 Trump supporters were expected to fill the UIC Pavilion on Friday. But just as many protestors were gathering outside across the street.

Police barricaded the streets outside the Pavilion and anyone wearing anti-Trump t-shirts (read: Black Lives Matter gear) are not allowed inside the Pavilion. But many anti-Trump protestors got inside.
Trump’s handlers announced the event was canceled just a few moments ago.
Trump has been criticized for urging his supporters to attack protestors. Trump reportedly promised to pay the legal bills of supporters who bodily removed protestors.

Update: Chris Brown advocates no violence at Trump rallies. “I’m glad to see us as a people starting to use our voice more,” he said in a video posted on his Instagram page tonight.
“All I can say is just no violence, man. No violence.”

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