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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Imagine That: Man Kills Girlfriend Before His Wife Got Back Home

Brooklyn man killed girlfriend

A Brooklyn man killed his girlfriend because he feared his wife would come home and catch them together.
Daniel Romain, 33, fought violently with his girlfriend Tisa Kelly, 46, whom he had asked to leave his East 95th Street apartment before his wife got home.

During the violent struggle, Romain stabbed his girlfriend multiple times then hid her body in the shower.
An upstairs neighbor told the NY Post she heard sounds of a brawl and “loud banging” as if someone was being “thrown against walls.”

The neighbor, Quinetta Wooten, 29. said there was a brief moment of silence before someone turned a radio volume way up high. “The radio came playing real loud like to cover it up,” she said.
Police arrived an hour later and found Kelly hog tied and face down in the shower. She suffered stab wounds to her neck, back and upper torso.

Romain’s hands were covered in blood, and police spotted two knives and a pair of scissors soaking in the sink. There was an odor of bleach in the bathroom, police sources said.

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