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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

And Terrence J Takes A Bow From E! News After Three Years

Terrence Jenkins has announced that he will be leaving E! after 3 years of being with the entertainment news channel.

According to E! News, he is leaving to focus on acting and producing full-time, describing his decision to take this next step as “exciting but also bittersweet.”

He said on the show;

“Choosing to leave the show is “a decision that I’ve thought about long and hard. I love you guys to the bottom of my heart. I love this crew, I love working with you guys; but it’s important I grow and I wanted to leave on my own terms and when I was ready. Tomorrow’s going to be my last day. I didn’t want to do the long, drawn-out goodbye ’cause then I knew Jason would do the man-tear thing and I didn’t want him to have to convince me to stay. But I just want to thank you guys, for everybody that watches the show that has supported me over the years. Just thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.”

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