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Monday, 2 November 2015

Now That's Brotherly Love: Usher's Youngest Son Vows To Find A Cure For His Elder Brother's Type 1 Diabetes

R&B singer Usher Raymond says his 6-year-old son, Naviyd, wants to grow up to be a scientist to find a cure for his older brother’s type I diabetes.

“I have two sons. Usher Raymond V — we call him Cinco — has Type 1 diabetes,” Usher said during the JDRF’s Promise Ball on Thursday. “My son truly inspires me every day.”
7-year-old Cinco (pictured above left) developed Type I juvenile diabetes as a toddler when his pancreas stopped making insulin.

Without insulin to help push sugar into his body’s cells to convert sugar into energy, his blood sugar will remain in his circulation and rise to dangerous levels.
Cinco’s blood sugar must be carefully monitored and he must take insulin injections daily. Additionally, Usher has to carefully count Cinco’s carbohydrate intake to make sure he isn’t consuming too much sugar.

Cinco nearly drowned in a swimming pool accident in Atlanta in 2013.

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