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Friday, 20 November 2015

Nicki Minaj's Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Still Has More Dirt To Dish Out On Their Relationship

Nikki Minaj arriving at BBC Radio 1, London, UK

The ex-boyfriend of rap mogul Nicki Minaj courageously opened up about being submissive to Nicki.
In an interview with Ebony magazine, Samuels said Nicki, 32, dominated and controlled him.
“Growing up, I wanted to be an MC. But I put my dreams aside to play the role of the supportive boyfriend,” Samuels said.

He said being submissive to Nicki came naturally to him because he is soft and molds easily into what women want him to be.
“To be a submissive man, you have to have a submissive bone in your body,” he said frankly. “The relationship isn’t going to work out for the man who has a short fuse or can’t handle being told what to do. A lot of men look for women they can mold into what will fit into their lives, but you can’t do that with a strong-minded woman. If you’re going to be with her, you have to be okay with her running the show at times.”
It also helped that Nicki was the breadwinner, and therefore she wore the pants in their home.

There was that one time when Samuels stepped out of line and smashed Nicki with a suitcase in 2011. The resulting police report became fodder for the blogs and tabloids for weeks.
In a message on social media Samuels said he will lay everything on the line in a tell-all book he’s planning to write.
“Fyi i might as well tell yall now but i am writing a book and have been the past month. Thank you Ms.pie,” Samuels wrote on Instagram.
It takes strength and supreme confidence for a man to submit to a woman. Kudos to Samuels for his honesty.

Photo: Splash News Online

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