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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Update: This Is What Rapper Tyga Has To Say About Rumours That He Cheated On Kylie Jenner

Tyga and Kylie Jenner

Rapper Tyga is on the defensive after a after a transsexual model spilled secrets about him. Earlier there was a plethora of scandalous text messages exchanged between Tyga and one of his lady boytoys, Mia Isabella.

The blizzard of text messages included a photo purportedly of Tyga’s unimpressive penis.
Rumors about Tyga and his predilection for trannies have been circulating for years. Word is that Tyga prefers the strong, muscular jaws of a man who retains the soft, feminine exterior of a female — minus the wild mood swings of biological women.
And even though the Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage across the land, Hip Hop is simply not ready to accept a gay rapper who prefers to lay up with cross-dressers.
So Tyga launched into damage control today to lie, er, dispel rumors that he and transvestite Mia Isabella enjoyed a torrid 3-year romance while he was still with his baby mama, Blac Chyna, and his current beard, Kylie Jenner, 17.
The 25-year-old rapper can’t deny a photo of his junk in one text message because of the identifying tattoos that are unique to him. So Tyga and his lawyer came up with another strategy: he claims he didn’t send the pictures.
So who sent the pics from his cell phone?
This scandal answers the questions that many had about the true nature of Tyga and his beard, Kylie’s relationship.
Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton, tells TMZ he believes the rapper is the victim of a conspiracy designed to “maliciously shame” him. While the photos are authentic — you can see some of his tattoos — Tyga’s lawyer believes the person he sent them to betrayed him … and used them to manufacture a fake story.
The blog that posted the pics is claiming Tyga sent them to a transgender model.
Hutton thinks that’s also offensive because … “The allegations are false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality.”
It’s a clear reference to Caitlyn and the Supreme Court, and Tyga and Hutton’s point is — don’t use transgender issues as a punchline.

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