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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: This Is What Critics Had To Say About The Premiere Of 'I Am Cait' Docu-Series

Bruce Jenner

Did you catch the premiere of E! Network’s “docu-series” I Am Cait, featuring narcissist Bruce Jenner as his alter ego, Caitlyn Jenner, last night?
The criticism began within the 1st 10 minutes of the show’s hour-long premiere Sunday night. “This is boring” was the consensus of many a viewer on Twitter.
Others lashed out at the father-of-six for “transitioning” only when E! Network offered him a lucrative spin-off series 2 years ago. Jenner is not transgender, he is a cross-dresser.
See below;

Bruce Jenner

The negative reviews by TV writers were even more harsh.
The Atlantic wrote:
“In its editing and with its seemingly pre-rehearsed speeches for the camera, I Am Cait mimics typical reality TV by trying to force dramatic narratives onto day-to-day life. And while spotting the fakeness was part of the fun of the Kardashians, here it verges on counterproductive.”
Many critics noticed the forced fakeness of Jenner and his daughter Kylie, who moved out of the family home after she caught her father wearing her intimate apparel without her permission.
Variety wrote:
“While Jenner’s interactions with her extended family are clearly part of the narrative, there’s a pandering quality to shoehorning the couple and daughter Kylie into the premiere, as if E! and the producers needed a security blanket to make sure they catered to that audience too.”
The show really fell flat when Jenner — a known cross-dresser — exploited the suicide of a teenage transgender for his own selfish needs.
“There’s no reason to doubt Ms. Jenner’s sincerity when she cites statistics about suicide among transgender teenagers or consoles a grieving parent, but you also can’t help noticing how she seems to be reading from a script.”
“But while the series’ aim to highlight issues transgender people face have been recognized by critics, reviewers are more skeptical about the way in which the show’s earnest intentions are often undermined.”

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