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Thursday, 9 July 2015

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: More Dirt As Tyga Practically Begs The FBI To Investigate Who Leaked Pics Of Him And Transgender Ex-Lover

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Apparently, Kris Jenner has ordered her 17-year-old daughter’s fake rapper boyfriend, Tyga, to do something about the gay cheating scandal that is quickly spiraling out of control in the media.

Rumors that Tyga prefers his back rubbed by cross-dressers were confirmed on Monday when celebrity blogger B. Scott published a plethora of text messages exchanged between Tyga and his cross-dressing ex-lover, Mia Isabella.
According to gossip tabloid, Tyga has asked none other than the Federal Bureau of Investigations to track down who sent his peen pics from his cell phone to the cell phone of the transsexual “model” Isabella.
Tyga’s legal team tells TMZ, “they notified the FBI on Wednesday morning about the photos which recently popped up on a blog post claiming Tyga sent them during a sexting session.”
Tyga’s attorney Lee Hutton told TMZ “they went to the feds because they believe the images were hacked — either from Tyga or someone with whom he intentionally shared the pics.”
Even if we believed that lie, what about the other well-known transsexual “model” who Tyga was rumored to be creeping with on the down low?
According to TMZ, Isabella “had nothing to do with sending photos or text messages to the media.” TMZ claims Isabella is “willing to work with Tyga and the FBI to find the real suspect.”
Of course, that doesn’t mean Tyga didn’t send those texts and pics to Isabella — only that Isabella is not admitting to sending the pics to B. Scott.
Tyga has good reason to want the FBI’s help.
Word has reached our ears that more salacious evidence is about to hit the blogs.
According to sources, Tyga is the BOTTOM in his relationships with Instagram lady boys.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘bottom’, Tyga is allegedly the RECEIVER of the D, not the giver.
Oh, Tyga….

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