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Friday, 19 June 2015

And Here's More Relationship Advise From Ace Comedian Ali Baba

Ali Baba

Comedian Ali Baba has been on a roll with his relationship advice.
He posted on Instagram:

Sometimes, you have to protect what’s yours. Sometimes, it’s not even worth it… But if it’s yours EVERY TIME you are faced with losing what you hold dear… You will protect it. The people who tell you to forget it, will do more if they were in your shoes. A lady told me of how her Auntie made her leave her 2 years marriage, because a friend of hers, saw her husband with some Ex flame. And the friend told on him. (By the way, the friend is a divorcee.) Anyway, the matter became serious and she moved out after she consulted with her Mum’s Older sister, Auntie Bimbs. Auntie was so crossed that she is tolerating such crap. Adding that is what men like to do, eat their cake and have it (or is it have their cake and eat it again). Lo rokan sha, She moved out of the Dolphin matrimonial home and got a place in Lekki. Years down the line, when Otunba, Auntie Bimbs husband had his 60th, she found out that, 2 of Otunba’s kids, 12 and 15 were from his former Secretary, who had relocated overseas as part of the settlement deal. She had not told her mum that Auntie was one of the main people, that made her move out. When she told her mum, some hell, not all, broke loose! Moral of this story is, much as we want everyone to live right, and keep promises made, when things don’t go as planned… YOU DECIDE! Hillary Clinton is wife to who again? Monica Lew-wha? Caveat!!!! This is not a license to be loose oooo

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