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Friday, 8 May 2015

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: Ladies Are You Comfortable With Your Natural Look? This YouTube Star Wants You To Know Why You Should

Lilly Singh

Some women can’t bear the thought of going outside without a face full of makeup. Some women have grown so accustomed to hiding behind layers of foundation, caked on concealer, lipstick and fake eyelashes that they feel naked and vulnerable without makeup on.

Makeup-free women, such as your auntie, can’t imagine feeling vulnerable and insecure for simply looking like ourselves.
Women who wear makeup are entrapped by their insecurities and a general lack of confidence which can lead to depression.
Maybe that is why YouTube star Lilly Singh made a courageous decision to face her 5 million YouTube followers without wearing makeup.
In her video titled “I’m NOT sorry”, Singh said after she decided to go makeup-free she sent text messages to people asking them not to judge her for looking “a mess”
A few hours after my meetings, when I calmed down a little and gathered my thoughts, it really hit me that I actually apologized to people for looking like a ‘mess’ and not wearing makeup. And then I thought, ‘Girl! Did I really just apologize for not wearing makeup?’ And then I yelled at myself because I thought, ‘Since when do I have to apologize for looking for myself? And since when is looking like myself a mess?’
Singh concluded that going makeup-free made her more self-aware and forced her to appreciate her flaws.
“I have dark circles under my eyes,” she said. “I have a whole bunch of acne and I have half an eyebrow. Or sometimes one eyebrow,” yet, “I feel like I had the greatest realization in the world today.”
Singh’s video has so far garnered over 860,000 views on YouTube.
Will you accept the challenge and go makeup free for one day?

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