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Friday, 15 May 2015

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: Imagine This Bulgarian Nurse Punching A Newborn Baby?

Child Abuse

There are some really evil people in this world. Why would anyone want to beat up a newborn baby?
A video of a Bulgarian nurse named Emiliya Kovacheva punching a 4-day-old baby, Nicole, has gone viral.
She reportedly assaulted the baby because she wouldn’t settle down and be quiet.
Watch below;

Nicole suffered terrible injuries as a result of the abuse. Doctors feared she would not make it, however; she pulled through, Radar reports.
Kovacheva is a mother.
Reports state that when Kovacheva was first confronted about the incident, she denied it. But when she was shown the video, she confessed to committing the terrible act, stating that she did it because she was frustrated that the baby didn’t fall asleep, and she didn’t want to her to wake the other newborns who were sleeping peacefully.
Kovacheva is facing charges of attempted murder. If convicted, she faces 20 years behind bars.
Her attorneys are pushing for the charge to be lowered to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

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