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Friday, 24 April 2015

Pics: Imagine Having Female Strippers Like These At A Funeral

Funeral Stripper A

Would you hire strippers to dance at a funeral service? For a growing number of people in China, the answer to this question is “Yes.”

According to Cosmopolitan, people in China who choose to hire strippers for funerals, do so to make the service more fun, as otherwise, “no one would come.” Also, some believe that having a large crowd present is “a harbinger of good fortune in the afterlife,” and so strippers are used to attract a crowd.
However, the Chinese government has started to work with policemen to crackdown on funeral strippers.
AsiaOne reports that one woman organised strippers to perform at her husband’s funeral “to venerate her late husband’s memory and let him feast his eyes from the afterlife, as during his time, he famously had a penchant for looking at beautiful women.”

Funeral Stripper1
Pic Credit: Cosmopolitan/AsiaOne News/Shanghaiist/

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