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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#NigeriaDecides: After Staging His Infamous Protest During Collation Of Election Results PDP Agent Godsday Orubebe Tenders Apology

Godsday Orubebe protesting at the National Collation Center in Abuja yesterday
Former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe, has apologized for disrupting collation the collation of election results on Tuesday during his infamous protest. Orubebe gave his apology while speaking with newsmen at the National Collation Centre in Abuja, The Nation reports.
Here are excerpts of his apology, as reported by The Nation:

‎”Election is a passionate thing and I really regretted what took place this morning. I was unnecessarily pushed by Jega to get to that level and I did make that statement.
I want to apologise particularly to young Nigerians that look up to take politics as a career to say that what happened was not intended to cause them any embarrassment.
To Nigerians generally, I regret my actions as even an elder in the Church, and a leader, the young men expected to see a lot from me and I believe that if there was any disappointment they got from me I apologize to Nigerians and to the youths of this country.
We have always talked about peace in this country and remember that when there was crisis in Niger Delta, I was one of the architects that sacrificed to go the creeks to tell the militants that we need peace in this country alongside President Goodluck Jonathan.
Politics is a process, today it is Mr. A, tomorrow is Mr. B. That is why I am saying that we should be talking about the unity of this country. We shouldn’t be talking about sectional things; we shouldn’t be talking about religion. God has a reason for bringing us together in this geographical area called Nigeria. We should live as one and if we are given responsibility to do anything, we should fair to all and treat everybody equally. But I believe that tomorrow is another day. If today is somebody else turn, tomorrow can be another person’s turn.
So I believe in the unity and peace of this country, I believe the young ones that are coming up will learn from us the way these things are handled. We have seen what the president did and we are also following in his footstep. So I speak to them to embrace peace, to look forward to see another great day.
Two things are in place. The president is the president of everybody, whether he contested with Buhari or not. He has seen the results displayed everywhere and it is only one that is remaining and he has also seen that even if he wins that one the figures as presented by INEC keeps Buhari on lead. As a statesman and as a president he has done what he should do…
… PDP is a large family, we are sent on an errand you go and be an agent, see what is happening there and come back to report to us. We will go and report to the party and the party will take the necessary action it has to take.
‎The rest is for PDP as a party to get briefing from us and make a statement. You remember what happened in Ekiti recent governorship election, the governor congratulated his opponent and the party went back and said this is what they have seen. The candidate is not the party, he is a candidate and he has acted very well as a statesman, and as the president, the father of all, for us we are agents to be here to see what transpired here and give report to them.”
Pic Credit: NAN-PHOTO

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