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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Another Man Set To Ride His Bicycle From Kaduna To Lagos In Honour Of President-Elect Buhari


Kaduna Cyclist

First of all, Suleiman Hashimu walked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate Muhammadu   Buhari's victory in the Presidential elections. Shortly after that, Duduwale Abubakar, then began walking from Yola in Adamawa to Abuja in honour of president-elect.  

And now, 35-year-old Kaduna-born Cyclist and Ardent Buhari supporter, Mohammed Kabiru Jafaru,  yesterday Started his journey from Kaduna to Lagos via bicycle, as he Intends to thank Yorubas for voting for Buhari. Also He Intends to meet with vice -president-elect, Yemi Osinbajo , Leadership reports.   
Speaking to newsmen, Jafaru said:
"I have Decided to embark on this journey to Lagos Because I want to go and thank Yoruba people for hwy immense support and contributions That led to the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari During the March 28 Presidential Election. The Decision to Undertake the journey Came to my mind after analysing the votes cast for Buhari by the Yoruba people and after I discussed my intention with my immediate family and friends, they encouraged me to go on the journey.
I have never been to Lagos before; this is my first time and only God knows how many days I will Spend Reaching Lagos before ... I do not have any fear Because I believe in God That nothing will happen to me on the road; all I want is people's prayers so that I will reach Lagos safely. "
APC chieftain in the state, Kailani Mohammed , reportedly STATED Jafaru That would be received by vice-president-elect, Osinbajo and other Prominent members of the APC in Lagos upon his arrival. 
Pic Credit:  Nairaland

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