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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Nick Gordon Set To Reveal What Really Happened That Night Bobbi Kristina Was Found Unconscious


Nick Gordon is finally ready to talk about what happened that day Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious face down in her bathtub — and he’ll be talking to Dr. Phil.
via TMZ:

We’re told Phil will meet Nick in the next few days and they will set a time for the formal sit-down. We’re told the good doctor will ask about his battles with Bobby Brown and family … battles that have kept him from Bobbi Kristina’s hospital bed.  
Here’s the tricky part. Nick is the target of a criminal investigation that was launched when authorities noticed that Bobbi Kristina had visible injuries. As the saying goes … whatever Nick says can be held against him, and it would be weird, to say the least, if Nick pled the 5th on Phil’s show. 
And finally, warning to Dr. Phil … Nick has proven flaky in the past, so cross your fingers and hope he shows.  
Let’s just hope he tells the truth — whatever it may be.

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