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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tragic: Is Kim Kardashian's Step Dad Bruce Jenner Already Living Like A Woman?

Bruce Jenner Readying Interview with Diane Sawyer to Discuss His Transition

Radar Online reports that former Olympic champ turned reality TV star Bruce Jenner is secretly living as a woman. This probably means Jenner has fantasized all his life about being a biological female. But since a biological man can not be a biological female, he wears stereotypical feminine attire and hairstyles which he thinks makes him look like a woman.
Jenner, 65, is currently filming a reality show documenting his sad transformation into his ex-wife, Kris Jenner.
Read excerpts from Radar Online below;

An insider told Radar that Bruce is preparing to undergo gender reassignment surgery “in the next several months.”
“The decision wasn’t made overnight, but has been done thoughtfully over the past year,” the insider said. “After having his Adam’s apple removed, and beginning to take hormones, Bruce knew what he wanted to do.”
“He has been in counseling as required by the surgeon, and his doctor believes Bruce is psychologically prepared to become a woman,” the insider said.
Indeed, the source revealed, “Bruce has already been living as a woman behind closed doors at his Malibu house.”
“Bruce is ready to legally change his name too,” the source said. “He’ll change his entire identity, and will be recognized as a woman.”

Bruce Jenner Steps Out A Day After Source Confirms He Will Be Transitioning Into A Woman

Jenner is pictured above wearing makeup and lip gloss in Malibu, CA., on Saturday.

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