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Monday, 23 February 2015

Do You Believe In The Power Of Re-incarnation? Well This Story Of This 5-Year-Old Boy Could Make You Have A Re-Think

Luke Ruehlman and Pam Robinson

People who believe in reincarnation after death are encouraged by the strange story of a Ohio boy who believes he lived a past life as a black woman. Luke Ruehlman, 5, told his mother, Erica Ruehlman, that he lived a past life as a Chicago woman named Pam Robinson, who tragically died in a Chicago fire.

Luke’s mother told a local news station that she did a little digging via Internet searches to find out if a woman named Pam Robinson died in a fire in Chicago. Little Luke has never traveled to Chicago.

Sure enough, Ruehlman uncovered an obituary that described an African-American woman named Pam Robinson who jumped to her death during an inferno at Chicago’s Paxton Hotel in 1993. 18 other people also perished in the fire.

According to The Atlanta Journal, Ruehlman reached out to the family of Pam Robinson and learned that she shared the same taste in music as Luke. Eventually, Ruehlman says, Luke’s memories of Pam faded and he no longer mentions her name.
Ruehlman said she’s sharing her son’s bizarre story because it’s a positive one of racial “unification.”

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