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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are Now Officially Off The Market


It’s official: Nicki Minaj is dating another gay rapper: Meek MillsIt’s hard to blame Nicki for her poor choice in men. She might as well date a man who goes both ways. Bisexual men are more sensitive and understanding of a woman’s needs. Gay men are also subservient to domineering women like Nicki. 

Let’s face it, Nicki wants a man who knows who’s boss in their relationship. If she dates a hard core rapper, he might beat the brakes and butt pads off of her. If she dates a wealthy man, he might cheat on her. And if she dates a regular, around-the-way Joe, he might not be able to provide for her financially when she falls off.


According to, Nicki and Meek were spotted cuddling and kissing in the VIP at a Wale after-party. And word has it that Nicki is the one who put money on Meek’s books when he was locked up recently.
They cuddled up next to each other at Friday night’s Wale show at the TLA. Mill’s buddy Rick Ross and his gal pal, Ming Lee, were also there in support of his Maybach Music Group crew, along with local boxer-turned-designer Simon “One Punch” Carr.
A spy tells me that Minaj kept a low profile, hanging in the back with Mill, but the two were certainly canoodly.

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