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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Celebs Here & There: Beyonce & Jay Z, Kanye & Kim Kardashian-West, Kerry Washington, Amber Rose, Ray J, Romeo Miller

Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, 33, and her husband Jay Z, 45, were seen visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris where Jay Z first proposed to Beyonce. The couple ended their wildly successful “On the Run” tour in Paris.
Photos: KCS Presse / Splash News

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Return From Australia With Baby North

Hollywood Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen arriving back in Los Angeles with baby North West after a trip to Australia. Kanye angered disabilities rights groups when he ordered a paraplegic to stand up during a concert in Sydney on Friday. After demanding concert goers to stand up, Kanye interrupted his concert and pointed at 2 people who weren’t standing. He demand that they stand up — even though they were in wheelchairs. One of the people waved a prosthetic leg at him, but Kanye was not impressed. He demanded they stand up “Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and sh*t.” Like a typical narcissist, Kanye complained: “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable.” The crowd joined in shouting, “Stand up!” and, “Fuc*ing stand up!” After the public backlash, Kanye back down or apologize for his insensitive behavior.
Photos: Clint Brewer / Splash News

Kerry Washington seen out and about in a raining day in New York City

Kerry Washington rebounded nicely after giving birth to daughter Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha in April. The baby’s father is unemployed football playerNnamdi Asomugha. Kerry, 37, is now the breadwinner of the family. She was seen out and about on a raining day in New York City. Kerry designed her purple bag as part of Allstate‘s “Purple Purse” anti- financial abuse campaign. She says the color purple symbolizes domestic violence awareness and financial well-being and ownership. “The bag is really a symbol of a woman taking her purse strings back, and being to be in control of her finances in the face of abuse,” she said in an interview with CNN.
Photos: Santi/Splash News

Ray J spotted in NYC's East Village

Brandy Norwood‘s brother Ray J was spotted in NYC’s East Village on Monday. He wore a denim outfit which he accessorized with a custom one off bejeweled Louis Stewart backpack in black leather. Custom order yours for $5,000.
Photos: Fortunata / Splash News

Amber Rose spinning around with her bike

It’s easy to forget socialite Amber Rose is a married woman with a toddler at home. The 30-year-old former practicing lesbian was spotted tooling around Studio City, CA. on a Can-Am Spyder 3 wheel motorcycle on Monday. Amber married rapper Wiz Khalifa last year, but a housewife she is not.
Photos: Splash News
Romeo Miller seen out and about at The Commons in Calabasas

Former kiddie rapper Romeo Miller was seen getting into his Maserati luxury sports car at The Commons in Calabasas, CA. on Monday.
Photos: VIPix / Splash News

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