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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

SOS Calls: Just After Beheading An Innocent Journalist Terrorist Group Threatens To Repeat The Act

ISIS Man - August 2014 - BN News - 01

Just hours after American journalist James Wright Foley was beheaded by a member of Jihadist group ISIS, there is a threat that another journalist will be killed. A militant from the Islamic State who appears to be the person that beheaded Foley, is threatening to kill another journalist Steven Sotloff.

The figure in the black robe says the life of Sotloff depends on how the US responds. In a video posted on Youtube, also titled “A Message to America”, the man purported to be Sotloff was filmed being held by the militant. According to The Independent UK, the video claims Foley’s death is a revenge killing for the ongoing US air strikes in Iraq.

The jihadist who speaks with a British accent, then addresses the US President Barack Obama saying, “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.” Sotloff from Miami was kidnapped near Aleppo in August 2013. His family was reportedly made aware of his disappearance but had chosen not to go public on the advice of officials.

His sister Lauren Sotloff‘s boyfriend this morning, took to Facebook urging people to sign a White House petition calling on the US government to “do everything possible to free the reporter from ISIS in Syria. “My girlfriend Lauren Sotloff’s brother Steven Sotloff was taken hostage by ISIS on August 04 2013 and up to this point it has been all under wraps as due to a media blackout. People please not only sign the following petition, but PLEASE SHARE so the more the better. Thank you in advance and pray for his safe return home.” he said.

According to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, about 20 reporters are missing in Syria.

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