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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rita Ora Is Off The Market Again And You Won't Believe Who She's Moved On To

Ricky Hil

The Dopamine faded quickly for Britain’s reigning pop princess Rita Ora and her DJ ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris. The couple dated less than a year before Rita packed her things across the pond and move in with Harris on the west coast. After the break up Rita, 23, wasted no time moving on to tatted musician Richard Hilfiger.

Before you say “oh no, not this loser!” Richard, who goes by the stage name “Ricky Hil” or “Rich Hil,” is the privileged son of the famous fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

Ricky Hil

Hil spends his father’s money on recording sessions and shooting bland music videos. When he’s not making Rita happy, he’s whining about taking lonely rides in limousines and posting pics of his weed stash on his Twitter page.

We can see why Rita likes Ricky.

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