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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mercy Johnson Reveals Which Of Her Fellow Nollywood Actresses She's Crushing On

Mercy Johnson and Genevieve Nnaji
Mercy Johnson and Genevieve Nnaji

Popular Nollywood actress and mother of one, Mercy Johnson, has come out to proclaim her love for Genevieve Nnaji, another multiple award winning Nollywood actress. Mercy Johnson in a recent interview says Genevieve Nnaji is her role model, hence, her adoration of the international act.  Mercy Johnson made it known that although she has been proclaimed as a great actress, she believes Genevieve’s acting prowess surpasses hers.

In her words:

“I think I have one of the best role models ever. I like Genevieve like crazy. I started watching her movies from the onset but I didn’t want to be Genevieve, I wanted to be Mercy with the motivation that a Genevieve could give me. So I watched lots of movies. I don’t play with her movies. I don’t know what I can do that will be better than what she has done.

But I just try to improve on it, try to do it the way she will do it and perhaps even better to my own level. I practice like all the time. It is like a passion. It is just where I want to be. I am alive and I am in my space. It was paramount to perfect that space. I need everything. I watch everything. Nothing passes me by. I watch newscasters reading there news and after they are done, I sit down the way they do and read the news like that. So it is practice and Passion.”

She described her hilarious first time experience of meeting with Genevieve Nnaji as this:
“Ahh! The first time I met her, my friend took me there. When we got to where she was, I became nervous. I told my friend “no, let me hide in your boot”. And I did. I got into her boot. Can you imagine I came to see her and when I got there, I wanted to run back. I jumped into my friend’s boot. So when she came out of the hotel, I could not see her, I could only hear her voice. The 2nd time I saw her was on set. When she came down and I met her, she said” “Ahh! Mercy, I like your movies” and I started crying. I was in tears of joy. I said “Aunty Genny, so you watch my movies?”.

She was sort of embarrassed. Before I met her, she had already known that there was somebody who was crazily insane about her. She was really nice to me, receptive. And even whenever we work together, she will correct me and say, that thing you did, you could have done it this way. Usually in life, you will know somebody, who is more than you. Give him or her that respect. You can’t fight a battle you can’t win. It does not make any sense. If somebody is much more bigger than you, there is nothing as big as you admitting it and hearing it from that person. I didn’t come into the picture to compete with anybody. I came to learn, do it well, make it and be there.”

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