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Thursday, 24 July 2014

That's So Grose: Here's A Good Reason Why You Should Be Happy You Don't Live In China Right Now

Giant flying bugs with fangs terrorizing China

Be glad you don’t live in China. Remember these gruesome looking beasts? In addition to battling giant hornets that killed over 40 people in China last year, they now have a new giant bug to contend with. This flying insect with fangs is about the size of a man’s head.

Another grose pic after the cut...

Giant flying bugs with fangs terrorizing China

From Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Researchers in China have found what is clearly the most frightening looking insect … ever.
What’s being called the Giant Dobsonfly has an 8.3-inch wingspan and snake-like fangs.
It’s not entirely clear how much force would have to be applied to kill the dobsonfly or what sound is made by the insect as it is squashed.
But, we’re entirely sure that the sound upon discovering a dobsonfly is a loud shriek, scream or cry.
How long until this fly is found in the states?

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