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Friday, 20 June 2014

Wonders: Two Gay Men Petition Court To Be a Listed As Fathers On Their Sons' Birth Certificates

Joe Riggs and Jason Hanna

The Gay agenda’s war on heterosexual women and family traditions continues. This story sounds like something out of a Frankenstein movie: 2 gay men in Dallas, Texas hired a surrogate to carry eggs that were fertilized in a lab. When the surrogate delivered two healthy baby boys the men petitioned a Texas judge to remove the birth mother’s name from the birth certificates and replace her name with their own — as if they gave birth to the boys.
Wisely, the judge said no.
Texas does not recognize gay marriage. So Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs, who met 4 years ago, were married last July in Washington DC, where gay marriage is legal. But instead of hiring a surrogate to give birth in D.C. where gay marriage is legal, the men decided to go back to Dallas and test the legal waters.
Each man is the biological father of one of the boys. The surrogate mother is not the biological mother.
“As of right now in Texas two men cannot be on the birth certificate,” Jason Hanna explained an interview on SiriusXM Progress. "So our attorney followed the letter of the law. We petitioned the court. We had DNA testing there [in court] and petitioned the judge to ultimately remove the surrogate mother from the birth certificate, who has no biological ties to the boys. We would like each biological dad to be placed on the birth certificate of our own son, and then ultimately proceed to the second-parent adoption. The entire petition was denied.”
Riggs and Hanna seem to be intent on removing women from the entire birth process. They are aggravated that the law is not yet on their side.
“We were sworn in and ultimately the judge was saying that with the information she had in front of her, under Texas law she couldn’t grant it,” Riggs said of their appearance in court last week. “I was shocked. We had a ton of questions as we walked away from that courtroom.”
The men say they are not interested in listing one father on the birth certificate while the other father adopts the boys. That would be too simple.
“Without [co-adoption], if something happened to either me or Joe we don’t have any legal recourse to keep the other’s biological child,” Hanna said. “The state could come in and separate these two brothers…We want to reiterate how important it is for a state to recognize each family, whether it’s same-sex or opposite-sex, and really to ensure everyone has equal protection from the state.”
While the gay community supports Riggs and Hanna’s plight, not everyone is in agreement with their alternative family.
Facebook user Catheriena Koob writes:
These dudes BOUGHT a baby! They played frankenstein with 2 women’s parts, implanted it into yet ANOTHER woman, and then used their sperm to create the kids. SICK. So whose these kid’s mother’s again? Two dads are better than MOM and dad? Talk about hating women? This turns women into machines and parts. Get to a state that recognizes your marriage or reap what you sow. This is not normal, and I feel truly sorry for these kids. They’ll never have a mother.

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