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Monday, 19 May 2014

Rumour Mill: Has Nadia Buari Reportedly Dumped Jim Iyke?

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari

Fresh reports indicate that Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has ended her long-time relationship with famous Nigerian actor Jim Iyke. According to YNaija, the angered Nollywood bad boy blamed US-based musician and publisher of Nigeria FM Emma Agu for being responsible for their break-up.


Iyke told Buari that he was going  to Miami on business, however he was spotted in New York with his ex Keturah Hamilton. NY resident and blogger Agu reportedly called Buari to ask her if they had split up.
Unaware of the fact that her alleged fiance is in New York, the Ghanaian beauty afterwards blasted Jim referring to facts sent to her by New York people and after having confirmed that Jim was there with his ex, she separated from him.

Emma Agu responds to Jim's attacks
Annoyed by the actor's accusations, Agu, who was allegedly called by Iyke, spoke harshly about the Nollywood star saying their break-up is his fault. See Agu's original message in part:
"This overrated son of a b***h with his amateurish acting skills thinks his name can bring any good to a writer or a blogger. The man with a tainted name, a rogue who has burnt every bridge he stepped on is trying to hold me responsible for what ever misfortune that has fallen him in the last 72 hours.

"So this montebank sneaked into New York around 5am 3 days ago and did everything to keep it a top secret until the bubble bust right in front of him. When I got the hint that James was in Keturah’s house, I thought Keturah was lying . The girl said James came claiming that his relationship with Nadia Buari was over. She also said James (Jim) came to pick her up for Nigeria. I told her this guy might be lying.

"When I got in touch with Nadia's manager, he maintained that Nadia was aware Jim went to Miami and insisted he (Jim) was no way near Keturah's house."
According to Agu, he had the insulting talk by Iyke recorded on tape and will "play it to my world audience by 8AM New York time, which should be 1PM Nigerian Time. I need everyone out there to listen and find out why Jim Iyke should be taken off the streets. The guy can never change. That deliverance by TB Joshua never worked. It was a fluke."

He also called Iyke is a "psycho", "disappointment", "fraudster" and "cheat", saying he must be arrested over threatening Agu's life.
This story come as a big disappointment after the recently publicised engagement of Jim and Nadia.

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