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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pics: S.O.S Call On Rampant Armed Robbery Attacks In Mile 2 Lagos... My Personal Experience!!!

Barely two weeks ago, on my way to start my daily hussle *winks*, driving down the mile 2 axis of Lagos, two men approached my car while in the early morning rush hour traffic, in the dark and demanded for my phone.

At first I resisted because I just could not comprehend on what basis they would be asking me to surrender my third love, my phone (don't ask me what my 1st and 2nd loves are though). One of them came close to my side of the car while the second one, brandishing only God knows what in the dark was at the back door. They tried gaining entry but my windows were rolled up and doors properly locked. The first man by my window, threatened that if I didn't give them my phone, his colleague behind was going to attack me with God knows what.
Ofcourse I panicked, I threw the phone at them and in a split second, did the only thing I could think of in an attempt to scare them away. I began horning and trying my best to get any kind of help I could. Luckily it worked, but sadly at the price of losing my precious phone. As many family and friends that I have shared my experience with, all I've heard is that I should be grateful for life and that I should even be thanking God that that was all they took from me.
After hearing about different stories about the countless robbery attacks around the mile 2 axis, I must say that it is indeed very tragic. It took me time to pull myself together and recover from the shock of this but I just had to share this because I have a voice and as a blogger my job is to create awareness and solicit for as much help as I can for commuters and residents around the mile 2 axis of Lagos.
Another of such robbery attacks happened last night. A woman (pictured above and below) in her car was attacked, the robbers broke her car window and robbed her in traffic. 
This is a passionate appeal and call to the government to look into this issue as many other motorists in the area say the robbery incident is becoming one too many.

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