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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Covenant University Expels Student Who Posted Nude Twerking Video Online!!!


A Covenant University student, simply identified as Bisi had a video of her twerking unclad released online recently. In the video, Bisi is in her university dorm room strutting around unclad. There are two other ladies (though fully clothed) and they are all playing songs from what seems to be a laptop with the webcam on. One of the other ladies even pulled off a few dance moves but obviously Bisi was the star of the video dancing the most plus being in the unclad.

One of the girls in the videos MhiZ Jacklyn (@_Jackine) on Twitter is allegedly the owner of the laptop from which the video leaked. She tweeted that she did not intend to release the video but deleted it and a male friend stumbled on it in the recycle bin and released it.

MhiZ Jacklyn @_Jackine__
I deleted d video buh forgot to delete it from recycle bin. It was Neva my intention to leak any video of such… I am really sorry..
MhiZ Jacklyn @_Jackine__
I wasn’t d one hu leaked d video. And to Bisi, sorry it was my laptop dat d guy got d video, I Neva had any intention of leaking d video

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