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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beyonce's Custom Jeweler Robbed...

Beyonce custom jewelry

Margo Manhattan Jewlery’s close association with singer Beyonce may have brought trouble to her doorstep. The exclusive Upper East Side jeweler was the victim of a well-planned burglary, the NY Daily News reports.

Margo Manhattan Jewelry, whose upper crust clientele includes Beyonce and Jay Z, was robbed on Friday by a thief who got away with over $60,000 in precious gems. The burglar, who was dressed like one of Margo’s rap star clients, probably cased the boutique on Madison Ave. near E. 87th St. The boutique’s manager, Marcy Imbert, was the only employee in the shop when the man walked in about 1:30 p.m.

“She thought he was maybe a rap star,” said jewelry designer Margo Manhattan, the store’s owner.
The man acted like a customer, asking to see certain pieces. Then, without warning, he ordered the manager into the back. He tore the straps off a Theory designer bag in the shop and used them to bind her hands behind her back.

The thug grabbed jewelry from display cases and from a vault in the back room. The heartless crook even kicked Mika, Manhattan’s 13-week-old German shepherd puppy. The burglary was interrupted when another employee arrived at the store. The thief again acted like a customer and told the employee, “She’s in the back.”

The Daily News reports that neither the employees nor the dog were injured.

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