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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pics: Michelle Obama Leaves China With The First Daughters!!!

Michelle Malia and Sasha Obama in China

The U.S first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15, wrapped up their very expensive trip to China. While Mrs. Obama seems to have charmed her way into the hearts of English speaking Chinese citizens, it is the sulky, petulant Sasha who is getting most of the attention from the national media.

Michelle Malia and Sasha Obama in China

Michelle Malia and Sasha Obama in China

The NY Post writes: “Photos show Sasha looking like she’d rather be back home with her pals than hitting the highlights of the world’s most populous nation.” And notes that Sasha is “barely concealing her disdain for basically everything for a while now.”

Sasha, who turns 13 on June 10, may be experiencing growing pains as she makes the transition from adolescent to teenager.

Michelle Malia and Sasha Obama in China

Many speculate that Sasha is a “break baby”, and that Michelle Obama became pregnant with Sasha during one of her numerous hiatus from Barack. Skeptics note that Sasha does not share any of Mr. Obama’s physical features or his winning personality.

It will be interesting to see what comes out in the wash after the president leaves office in 2016. Mrs. Obama’s tell-all book is sure to be a #1 best seller.

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