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Friday, 28 March 2014

Pic: Ne-Yo Has A Strong Worded Message For Usain Bolt...

Usain Bolt daggering dance

Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt is all over the news lately thanks to his unique brand of dirty dancing called ‘Dagger’ or ‘Daggering’. The dance, which simulates a modified missionary position, has not exactly caught fire in America — and for good reason, says American singer/songwriter Ne-Yo.

NeYo spotted outside of a Midtown Manhattan hotel

The singer was out in NYC when we asked him about Usain’s RIDICULOUSLY DIRTY DANCING[2] … called “daggering” — and admits he’s tried the super-sexualized move too.
But Ne-Yo makes it clear … he only daggers when he’s down in Bolt’s homeland of Jamaica, where it’s socially acceptable. As for why he doesn’t do it stateside … Ne-Yo says, “In New York it’s called something else. It’s called rape.”

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