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Friday, 1 February 2013

Nollywood Actress - "For The Right Price, I Can Do Nude And Sex Scenes"


Celebrities are often faced with the challenge of ensuring they keep their acts together as fans are quick to give meaning to everything they do.


It is the same for Nollywood actress, Mimi Quaker whom many have concluded is a lesbian because she always keep girls as her Blackberry display pictures. Mimi cleared the air on that in an interview with Vanguard saying the girls people see are the girls she arranges for people…she arranges girls for music videos.

“Most of the directors are my friends and they ask me to bring girls for music videos. So, I organise girls for their videos. All they do is ask me to bring girls with certain specifications and I search for girls with those specifications. Sometimes, I provide nothing less than five girls for a music video and what I do is to get paid from the girls’ payment.” Mimi says she takes up to 40 per cent.
Mimi’s girls have to suit the taste of her clients. She describes her kind of girls;
“The shape is the most important feature. The girl must be very curvy with nice skin colour, not necessarilylight-skinned and the height doesn’t matter. The type of girls to choose often depends on the director’s specifications. In some instances, the director may require a busty girl, big backside girl or even a slim-waist girl. Generally, a sexy curvy girl passes.”

Mimi was probed again about her sexuality and she said an emphatic no to the lesbian question. In fact, she says she’s in a relationship. She didn’t mention the man’s name and she talked as if he was an imaginary man, so-to-say. When asked what attracted her to the man she claims to be dating, Mimi answered; “I guess the physique. I also like guys with a good set of teeth. He must also be handsome, tall, well-built and God-fearing.” Draw your inference, people.
Mimi who said she started acting in the easiest of ways said she can take up any role in acting; exposing private parts, sex scenes, etc., after all it’s make-believe.
“It was a bit easy for me. I met Chico Ejiro on Facebook and told him about my intention to go into acting. He invited me for an audition and that was how it all started for me,” she said on how she started acting.

Sex scenes, scenes with indecency? Bring them on! Mimi says; “It is only make-believe. You are not actually having sex but making it look like you are having sex. “Well, if the money is good enough, I will take it. The whole idea is make-believe and getting the job done. It has nothing to do with my person,” Mimi says about showing private parts of her body on screen. Still a student of Philosophy at the University of Lagos, Mimi Quaker prides herself in the success she’s achieved over the years. She appeared in six music videos in 2012 and was named as one of the top ten video vixens in 2012.
Mimi has worked with several artistes including KAN, Brymo, Rex, and Terry G.

In Nollywood, Mimi’s got herself role models like Mercy Johnson and Genevieve. “I used to like Rita Dominic but not anymore because she has not lived up to my expectation,” Mimi said.

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