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Friday, 1 February 2013

iRelate's VIDEO Pick: R 'N' B Crooner Miguel Tumbles Off Stage While Performing In London!!!


When you're in the zone while performing on stage, it can be hard to keep focus on your where-abouts. Miguel struggled with this recently, as he fell off stage in London while performing his hit single 'Adorn' for the enthusiastic crowd. While the ladies were showing him plenty of love, the 'Kaleidoscope Dream' singer must've been feeling the vibe, and not where his feet were since he took a pretty mean tumble into the crowd.

Fortunately, he was able to save himself right after, as the ladies saw it as an opportunity to get close to their favorite singer!

A fan posted about the concert:
[I] thought he jumped into the crowd, only realized he slipped after watching the video back! Great performance nonetheless! Amazing concert.. Amazing recovery! Lol
We can't get mad at that! Miguel was able to pull it off smoothly and keep his composure! Good thing for him he has some loving fans, who asked, "Are you okay?!" I feel his pain though!

Check out the video above to see Miguel's little mishap!


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