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Friday, 28 September 2012

Instagram Overtakes Twitter On Daily Cell Phones Usage...


Photo sharing app Instagram has overtaken Twitter for the first time. Across mobile phones in the US during August, Instagram received an average of 7.3 million daily visitors, while Twitter attracted 6.9 million users, a new report by ComScore said. It also found users spent more time on the photo-sharing site than those who visited Twitter.

Instagram visitors spent an average of 257 minutes on the site via mobile phones in August, while those logging on to Twitter spent an average of 170 minutes viewing the site.
The news is likely to be warmly received Facebook, which increasingly competing with twitter for the lucrative mobile market. Mark Zuckerberg’s firm recently bought the social network for $715 million, sparking accusations of an ‘app bubble’ in Silicon Valley.

It is the first time that Instagram has pulled ahead of rival Twitter. Mike Isaac of AllThingsD said the deal is a big step for Instagram.
‘For a number of reasons, this is a pretty big deal,’ he wrote.
‘That the barely two-year-old Instagram could rocket up in user engagement and retention in such a short amount of time, eventually surpassing Twitter in the process, speaks to the sheer momentum of the photo-sharing product.’

However, the number of unique visitors to Twitter across the whole of August was higher than for Instagram, with Twitter recording 29 million unique visitors to the site, compared to Instagram who received almost 22 million.

Pic: Cossy Orjiakor Caught Clubbing With Her Friend's Hubby....


Cossy seems not to be done with her mischevious ways as she has been caught with her friend's husband, and admits she has a lot of explaining to do. Wonder how his wife will feel when she see's this pic.



PSquare's Paul Okoye Gushes About Girlfriend - Anita Is The Only Lady That Makes Me Laugh And Sad...


It has come to your attention that Paul Okoye has displayed publicly the angel of his life, Anita, a beautiful girl who has been together with him ever before they became popular.


Well, the latest gist is that, Paul, the other dude of P Square has revealed that his lover of long standing, Anita is the only lady who makes him laughs and at the same time makes him cry.

“I started dating her when I was nobody and today, she has become part of me. She is my best friend and I am not seeing her as my girlfriend because she is more than that. If it were somebody I met when my career is blooming, I am sure we would have been having problems. But she is somebody who doesn’t bother about who I am.

She has this believe of do your own thing and let me do mine. She is a nice person even though every woman has her fault. She is in fact the best thing and the worst thing. When I say best, she is the best thing that makes me happy but she is also the only thing that makes me sad. Whenever she does something that hurts, it will hurt me the more. If we both have a quarrel, the pain is worse. Na she dey sweet pass and at the same time, na she dey pain pass.”
He said

Although, the dashing guy, Paul has over the years not been linked to any lady apart from Anita, his friends say, he only does his flirty runs when Anita is not in sight, the only different he has from Peter, his half brother.

Paul, we learnt, has successfully shielded his love life from prying eyes, and made no news ever about his romance with any lady until months back when he opens up about Anita and talks passionately about her.

He is obviously so enveloped by this romance that he now has little or no time for social outings hence his unusual absence from most A-class showbiz events.

Nigerian Man To Be Deported For Marrying Two Zimbabwean Women In 4 Days....

Nigerian marries Zimbabwean Women In 4 Days

Henry Inedoro (46), who was deported in for using the name George Asinayo before sneaking back into the country, appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe. He pleaded guilty to bigamy and perjury and the magistrate fined him US$100 or 20 days in prison coupled with deportation after payment of the fine or jail term. The complainant in the case is Mr Godfrey Kondo of the Immigration Department. The agreed facts are that on July 16 2004, Inedoro legally married Ms Asshla Madziwanzira under the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and a marriage certificate number 1704/04 was issued at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Four days later, Inedoro legally married Rumbidzai Chitova under Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and a marriage certificate 1723/04 was issued at the same court. The two marriages were solemnised by the same marriage officer, Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa. The State says Inedoro married the second wife without cancelling the first marriage as required by the law. Inedoro, in a bid to facilitate the second marriage, misrepresented to the magistrate that he was a bachelor hence he was given the green light to marry. Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 binds a man to have one wife.

Before a foreigner marries a Zimbabwean woman, he is also supposed to produce a certificate from his country certifying that he is not married. Judicial Services Commission deputy secretary Mr Rex Shana yesterday said it was possible for a magistrate to wed a person twice within a short period depending on the volumes of people who would have appeared before him or her for purposes of marriage. “We are dealing with so many people everyday. It is possible for one to wed a person twice, it can be a pure case of human error,’’ he said. Mr Shana, however, said a person who appears before a magistrate twice for marriage under the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 would have committed an offence

OMG – 70 years Old Twin Prostitutes Who Have Slept With Over 300,000 Men In 50 Years... View Pics!!!


The Fokken Twins Started Working As Prostitutes In The 1960s

Louise and Martine Fokkens are identical twins and they have slept with over 300,000 men in 50 years, meaning they have both slept with 20 men per day over the last 50 years. What a record. That is the story of Identical twins Louise and Martine Fokkens, who shot to fame earlier this year as stars of a documentary charting their 50 year careers as prostitutes in Amsterdam. Now the 70-year-old Dutch sisters are celebrating their retirement with a tell-all book about their lives and the industry, and today they admitted to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that they have entertained 355,000 men between them.

Louise revealed that her bad arthritis meant that she had retired from prostitution two years ago causing the telly hosts to exclaim: ‘No wonder you have arthritis. You must have very flexible hips!’
Louise, who became a prostitute aged twenty after a brief spell making lampshades explained how she got in to the business:

‘We didn’t have enough money. ‘My husband’s friends said it was the best way to make money so we decided to find out. I was 20/21 the first time. At first it was a problem for our mother and father but later we all lived normally with it.’ Martine, a mother-of-three who still works as a prostitute two to three times a week said:
‘My family told me about my sister while I was in the hospital having my first baby. I didn’t believe it but we talked about it and I loved her, that’s life.’
Martine then started working at the brothel as a cleaner but two years later decided to join her sister as a prostitute after so many clients mistook her for her identical twin.

Louise, who has four children and nine grandchildren said: ‘I helped her with the first client: told her what she had to do, what she shouldn’t do.’
Unsurprisingly the women are familiar faces around the red light district, and over their five decades working in the sex industry freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes.

But out of curiosity, who patronizes a 70 years old prostitute? Certainly not in this climes! And you can imagine, it is the other twin who got introduced to the business that is still ‘enjoying’ it – call it late bl(gr)ooming!

PSquare's Peter Okoye Wants You To Know - “Hitting a Woman Doesn’t Make You a Man, It Makes You an Animal”


Peter Okoye

There is no better way to put it! At least we can be rest assured that not all our celebrities are women hitters and monsters at home. Perhaps Peter Okoye of Psquare was moved by the travails of Singer, Zaaki Azzay’s wife and WWTBAM Host, Frank Edoho’s wife that he decided to bare his mind on twitter about domestic violence.

In the last few days, online media has been awash with news of how two different celebrities allegedly turned their wives to punching bags in a confession that left a sour taste in the mouth.
We all should rise up against domestic violence and speak out against it especially if it is exposed. And what better way than to have fellow celebrities leading the campaign just as Peter has done via this series of tweets below:

Peter Okoye on Twitter

That's Sooo Insane!: Woman shoots husband to protect her Cat...

Now this is soooo nasty!

This case is one unique case as it involves a woman who indirectly tells friends and neighbors that no one should mess with her cats. 42-year-old Audrey Deen Miller shot her husband in the stomach after he threatened to shoot one of her beloved pets, according to deputy constables. Miller was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputies said Miller and her husband were arguing at their home in Spring at around 7:30 a.m when he threatened to shoot her cat with a pellet gun. Miller, an animal lover with several cats and dogs, pulled out a .40-calibre semi-automatic handgun and shot her husband in the stomach. “The husband was trying to do something to the cat and the wife was just trying to protect her cat,” said Assistant Chief Mark Herman.

Miller was arrested at the scene and her husband was transported tohospital in stable condition.

Adele: You Don’t Need To Go Half-naked To Sell Music If You Are Good!!!

Female artists seem to believe how sexy they look in their video determines how many copies will be sold. Boobs and booty shows aren’t strange in music videos, but music sensation, Adele believes nudity doesn’t sell music. Adele disapproved of using looks and sexual temptation to push record sales, telling UK publication The Sun, “I’ve seen artists with s*xual images up close, and they don’t even look like that.”

The award-winning singer spoke of how proud she is of her looks, “I just stand there and sing. I’m not worried that I’m a ‘plus size’ and so much bigger than other artists. No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself.”

But come to think of it, she’s got a point. Look good, look sexy as much as you want to, but do you have to be naked to sell videos? My guess is Adele had someone in mind ( “I’ve seen artists with s*xual images up close, and they don’t even look like that.”). Any idea who’s got better body than voice in music videos?

Prisoners in Dubai Open Bank Account....

It’s not what you think. Prisoners making money selling ‘stuffs’ in prison can’t save in banks. The account is for donations. Prisoners should come out of prison better citizens, and also with money to spend. This is why the Dubai Police opened an account for prisoners in Dubai.

Police opened a bank account at Dubai Islamic Bank for people wishing to donate funds for prisoners on Thursday. The account will also help release those who are unable to pay off blood money.
Deputy Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina said: “Our role in society is also to support families that are suffering as a result of the head of the household serving time in jail, and such families have a substantial financial burden in raising their children.”

Dubai is working assiduously towards a better society. Last year, the Department of Social Welfare contributed to the release of 30 inmates and at least seven in 2010, while the charity organisation Dar Al Bar Society provided financial assistance to more than 450,000 prisoners in 2012 and 111,769 prisoners in 2011. The account number has been released to the public to enable them make donations.

Khloé and Lamar Celebrate Third Year Wedding Anniversary!!!


Three years ago, Khloé Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom were married. Happy anniversary, you two! Can you believe it's already been that long? Neither can I! But we've seen the hubby and wife deal with the ups and downs that every couple faces. From having brother Rob Kardashian as an on-again, off-again roommate, to the Dallas move, to Khloé's most recent hurdle of exploring fertility issues.

Last year, Khloé posted on her blog, "Two years ago today I married my best friend and the love of my life...730 days, and I still feel like a newlywed, I still blush when my hubby says my name, and I still get giddy when he's about to walk in the door. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world and I count my blessings every single day."

And the happy wifey shared a photo of rose petals in the shape of a three, along with two glasses of champagne and a private table reserved for their special day. "A beautiful way to kick off our anniversary," she blogged. "Can't believe it's been three years!!!!" The rest of the Kardashian fam had a lot of love to send the couple's way as well, like Kim Kardashian who tweeted, "Happy 3 year Anniversary @KhloeKardashian & @RealLamarOdom! I love you guys!!!"
And momager Kris Jenner, who shared with her fans, "Happy 3rd Anniversary @KhloeKardashian @RealLamarOdom!!!!! We love you so much!!!! #LOVEBIRDS."

While big sis Kourtney Kardashian blogged, "I am obsessed with Khloé of course and when Lamar came into her life and she told us they were getting married two weeks after knowing him and before I had ever met him, I was skeptical! But I absolutely love the way that Lamar loves Khloe every day and the woman that she has become." We know Khloé will be a big part of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami when it airs in January, and we hope she gushes all about her hubby!

Singer Waje Contemplates Joining the Chocolate City Music Group...


If all goes according to plan, songstress, Waje may put pen to paper for Jos based music record company, Chocolate City. If they manage to pull this through, she will be the second female artiste on their books with Port Harcourt rapper, Pryse already claiming first FEMCEE. And by the way, Waje is no novice as she can hold her head anyday, anywhere.

While the rumor had persisted for months, the record label did not deem it fit to refute or confirm the news, but this time around, Waje herself has opened up on what is really going on.
We are trying to see how we can work together. They have been a very strong part of my career since ‘One Naira’ in the sense that they’ve really helped me in many ways. There is a possibility’, Waje told Channels TV presenter Victoria Idowu in an interview. Waje was fully introduced to the Chocolate City camp after collaborating with rapper M.I on his 2010 hit ‘One Naira’ off his ‘MI2′ album.

‘It’s all about getting the right deal, this things do matter at the end of the day. Both Waje and Choc City need to know it’s worth it’, an inside source in Waje’s camp also said.

PICS: Iyanya Flaunts N12M Range Rover Sports....



Pepper is obviously resting as the kukere master, Iyanya, just acquired the new 12m Range Rover Sports to definitely flaunt his pocket muscles as a celebrity who has come to stay. The trend of gadget and toy acquisition of late has been quite alarming, but as fans what we just do is fold our arms, and wish them goodluck, while still praying for our own day to come.

Heidi Klum to Host 2012 MTV EMA From Frankfurt on November 11....

MTV has announced that Heidi Klum, one of the world’s most renowned supermodels and superstars, will host the “2012 MTV EMA”. The multi-talented and multi-tasking entertainer and entrepreneur – whose accolades run the range from fashion guru to executive producer of a hit reality franchise – will be bringing her hosting A-game to the 19th annual awards show being held in Frankfurt’s historic Festhalle.

The “2012 MTV EMA” will broadcast on MTV channels around the world including MTV (DStv Channel 130) on Sunday 11 November at 22:00 CAT and on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) on Monday 12 November at 21:00 CAT.

“I’m honoured to host the ‘2012 MTV EMA’ on its return to my home country of Germany,” said Klum, a native of Bergisch Gladbach, just two hours outside of Frankfurt. “The MTV EMA is one of the biggest nights in global music, fashion and culture, and I’m thrilled to play a part in bringing this one-of-a-kind show to audiences all over the world. We’re going to have a blast!”

“Heidi is absolutely one of the most successful and recognizable multimedia stars on the planet," said Bruce Gillmer, Executive Vice President of Talent and Music Programming/Events, Viacom International Media
Networks. "She is very clearly the best choice to helm the '2012 MTV EMA' in Frankfurt, and we're looking forward to showcasing her incredible talent within the extremely dynamic EMA environment. It's certain to be an unforgettable night."

As previously announced, Rihanna and Taylor Swift top the list of the “2012 MTV EMA” nominees with six and five nods, respectively, with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry following closely behind with four nominations each. Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, fun., Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z and Kanye West each received three EMA nominations, while Green Day, Gotye, Pitbull, Rita Ora, Flo Rida, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and One Direction are up for two awards.

Africa’s hottest contemporary artists are also in the frame for an EMA award, as Sarkodie, Camp Mulla, Wizkid, Mi Casa and D'Banj fight it out for a slot in the Worldwide Act category, where they will compete against their peers in India and the Middle East (from Monday 15 October). The final Worldwide Act nominees from each region (Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa/India/Middle East) will be announced the week of 30 October and the winner will be named at the show in Frankfurt.

MTV will announce EMA performers and presenters at a later date.

BBA Prezzo Jets Off To New York As One-Campaign Ambassador!!!

Last night, Prezzo left for New York City to attend the grand opening of the $1 billion Barclays Center where rapper and business mogul Jay-Z is set to officially christen Brooklyn’s new sports/entertainment arena, the new home of NBA franchise, the Nets.

Jay-Z and Beyonce meet President Obama

The Nets, formerly of New Jersey, will make their debut as the Brooklyn Nets this fall, and Barclays will serve as the team’s home. But, they won’t be the first to officially break the new arena in. Jay-Z will. The hip-hop superstar will kick off the launch of the venue with eight shows, starting Friday (September 28, 2012), with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, and others playing host in the weeks following. The $1 billion complex features 19,000 seats, a Calvin Klein Courtside Club, designed specifically with VIPs like Jay and Beyonce in mind. Other features include a three-story HD scoreboard, one of the biggest in the NBA. Jay-Z is a minority owner of the Nets, and has logged extensive hours helping bring Barclays to fruition. He also led the redesign of the Nets’ new logo, uniforms, etc.

This part of Prezzo‘s new status as the next Ambassador for the ONE Campaign, an organization which campaigns to fight extreme poverty and global diseases. A reward he got for winning the ONE Campaign task during the Big Brother StarGame show which saw Nigerian super star and ONE Campaign Ambassador, 2face visiting the Big Brother house.

A view from a new subway entrance of the Oculus porch over the entrance of the Barclays Center, a $1-billion sports and entertainment arena opening Sept. 28. SHoP Architects designed the weathering-steel exterior for Forest City Ratner Companies. Photo by James. S. Russell/Bloomberg

Wonder Pic: Would you want to Join this Festival?

In the Northern Thai provinces that were once part of the ancient Lanna Thai kingdom, the Yi-peng Northern Lantern Festival is still being celebrated. Tubular lanterns, resembling hot air balloons, are lit and released into the night sky as an offering the Lord Buddha. As hundreds of illuminated lanterns drift into infinity, this conjures the same sense of wistful closure as the krathong float downstream.

Gabrielle Union explains why so many successful women are lonely (and why she dates a much younger man) bumped into actress Gabrielle Union at the UrbanWorld Film festival this past weekend. When asked why she thinks so many successful, intelligent, independent black women are single, Gabby said, “I think [women] struggle” with giving power to men. “My girlfriends and I are very independent,” said Union, 40. “We’ve been doing it WELL on our own for a long time, and sometimes that’s hard to give up a little power — to sort of acquiesce to another person and let somebody else lead sometimes — or all the time.”

Union, who is probably more familiar with being successful and lonely than most women, explained why she chose to date a much younger man (NBA star Dwyane Wade). “Men who are in our age range also have a lot of options (read: gold diggers), and maybe sometimes it’s easier to go younger with a lot less expectation,” she said. Gabby, who has put her storied dating history behind her, has been in a longterm relationship with Wade, 30, who left his wife for her. Union has had to dodge home wrecker accusations but she understands that most women will identify with the scorned ex-wife rather than with the woman who saved a young man from a bad marriage.

Union summed it all up by saying, “We’re up against a lot, but I think the person we see in the mirror is our biggest obstacle.”

Very well said!

Celeb GlamAlert: Rihanna sports a pyjama-like ensemble to the opening of Jay-Z's trendy new club...


Dressing for comfort: Rihanna held hands with a female friend as she strode into the club
Dressing for comfort: Rihanna steps out in a matching pyjama-style top and trousers on Thursday night at the opening of the new 40 40 club in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn

She held on to the hand of a female friend as she strode into the club inside the new Centre, which features 101 luxury suites, four bars and lounge destinations, three clubs and of course Jay-Z's 40/40 Club and Restaurant, according to
The venue will also house the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and provide a location for concerts. 'I walked around here earlier and I just seen everybody busy and at work trying to finish up and it was a great feeling,' Jay Z told press earlier on Thursday.
Bedtime? The star dressed up her outfit with a gold necklace and bright red lipstick
Bedtime? The star dressed up her outfit with a gold necklace and bright red lipstick
Bedtime? The star dressed up her outfit with a gold necklace and bright red lipstick
A touch of sexy: Rihanna flashed just a little bit of flesh with just one button undone
A touch of sexy: Rihanna flashed just a little bit of flesh with just one button undone

'A guy stopped me in the hallway and said, "Man this is a great thing for New York City." And that's what the whole thing was about.' The 42-year-old rapper, who was born in Brooklyn, was also at the grand opening, looking dapper in a tuxedo and bow tie.
Jay-Z told gathering press as he entered the 40/40 for its grand opening.
Jim jams: Rihanna steps out in a matching pyjama-style top and trousers on Thursday night at the opening of the new 40 40 club in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn
Loose fitting: Rihanna ditched her usual raunchy attire for the night out clubbing
Meanwhile, Rihanna was back in Manhattan after a whistle-stop visit to London where she was promoting her new single Diamonds. The song, which is her 21st single release in under three years, is a departure from her more recent dance inspired tracks. Instead the song, which is penned by Sia, the songwriter behind David Guetta's summer hit Titanium, and produced by Stargate, the team behind Rihanna singles Only Girl (In The World) and What's My Name, is more of a pop ballad.
Dapper: Businessman and rapper Jay-Z looked smart in a suit and bow tie
Dapper: Businessman and rapper Jay-Z looked smart in a suit and bow tie

Wonder Pic: An Argentine man Plants a guitar shaped forest to commemorate his lost wife!

In the remote Argentine Pampas you can find an incredible forest formed in the shape of a guitar. More than 35 years ago, Pedro Ureta unexpectedly lost his wife to a brain aneurysm. Devastated by the loss of his love, he decided to create a shrine to her memory in their field that could only be seen above-head from an airplane. Ureta chose a guitar because it was his late wife’s most loved instrument.

Aaaaaw! How touching!!!

Davido Purchases a Multi-million Naira Lekki Property worth N140m....


Who says music is for unsuccessful folks or people without dreams? Maybe in the past, but not now – Dbanj, 2face, 9ice, Psquare, BankyW, Eldee, Wizkid, Davido are just few examples of young Nigerians who are doing music and raking in the millions exponentially!

Following in the footsteps of his billionaire father who reportedly built a ‘mega church’ structure, albeit in a different way, Davido has decided to show that life is not about the blings, fast cars or parties as he has reportedly acquired a property worth about N140 million. Although it hasn’t been confirmed if that is the exact amount he paid to own the property but going by current market value, the house should cost nothing less!

The property which is in Lekki Phase1, is close to where his father also has a house. The business acquisition was concluded between yesterday and today. Omo Baba Olowo is spending the money wisely or what do you think? Congrats to Davido!

Former Beauty Queen Becomes AGN President....

It was announced that the former beauty queen Ibinabo Fiberesima is now the new president of AGN. The position was formerly occupied by Segun Arinze before she won the election. She will be the first female AGN president in Nigeria. I think that is a big one.

Celeb GlamAlert: Kim Kardashian leaves Miami hotel with mother Kris Jenner wearing a VERY tight n Short black skirt...


Shorter than usual: Kim Kardashian leaves a Miami hotel wearing a tight black mini skirt
Shorter than usual: Kim Kardashian leaves a Miami hotel wearing a tight black mini skirt
Shorter than usual: Kim Kardashian leaves a Miami hotel wearing a tight black mini skirt

She teamed the tight garment with a black spotted peplum top, which was also very fitted, and wore black strapped heels too. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a low slick ponytail and Kim was sporting her usual flawless complexion. She walked ahead of her glamorous mother who stood out in a bright orange outfit. Kris teamed her shirt dress with platform heels, a white handbag and large dark sunglasses as she followed her daughter.

Like mother, like daughter: The reality TV star was joined by Kris Jenner who also wore an eye-catching outfit
Like mother, like daughter: The reality TV star was joined by Kris Jenner who also wore an eye-catching outfit
Always working: Kris was accompanying her daughter as she filmed her latest reality TV show
Always working: Kris was accompanying her daughter as she filmed her latest reality TV show
Always working: Kris was accompanying her daughter as she filmed her latest reality TV show
It seems it may have taken a while for Kim to eventually leave the hotel as she tweeted: 'Finally about to head out for the day with @KourtneyKardash @KrisJenner!!! The whole fam is in Miami!' Kim and Kourtney are in the sunshine to film the next series of their reality show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Kim's boyfriend Kanye West was spotted leaving the same hotel shortly after his girlfriend, but looked rather glum.
Why so serious? The pair failed to crack a smile as they emerged from the hotel
Why so serious? The pair failed to crack a smile as they emerged from the hotel

He was said to be getting into a car with TV personality, Jonathan Cheban, who is also taking part in the TV show. 'So excited your down here filming with us @JonathanCheban! Kourtney & Kim Take Miami is gonna be that much crazier lol,' Kim also tweeted.
Happy couple: Kim's boyfriend Kanye West was seen leaving the building shortly after her
Happy couple: Kim's boyfriend Kanye West was seen leaving the building shortly after her
Happy couple: Kim's boyfriend Kanye West was seen leaving the building shortly after her

Viewer Discretion Advised: See 10 Of Some Of The World’s Most Extremely And Strangely Modified People...


I will try to catch some sleep once I am done posting this story and hope nightmares wont be my lot. Some of the people you are about to see will leave you wondering if they still have any trace of humanity left in them. Animals, if they had any sense of reason would prefer to be human yet, some humans don’t think they look good in human form and so prefer to modify their bodies to look like Animals of their choice. Others, prefer to pierce every patch of skin while others adorn theirs with tattoos. In short, the people below range from the bizarre to the ridiculous to unimaginable.

1. Rick The Zombie Boy: The 27 year old Canadian artist and fashion model Rick Genest is also known as Zombie Boy for being tattooed like a corpse across the majority of his body. So far, more than 24 hours of tattoos –costing over $4,075 Canadian dollars– have got him halfway there and made him a minor celebrity on the internet.

2. Dennis Avner The Catman: 54 year old Dennis Avner, also known by “Catman” or his native american name of “Stalking Cat”, has undergone incredible extensive surgery in order to look like his totem animal, the tiger. Modifications include extensive tattooing, trans-dermal implants to allow whiskers to be worn, sub-dermal implants to change the shape of the face and the filing and shaping of the teeth to make them look more like tiger’s. He currently holds the world record for the most body modifications.

3. Julia Gnuse The Illustrated Lady: 53 year old Julia Gnuse, also known as the illustrated lady, developed a condition called porphyria in her mid 30′s causing her skin to blister regularly and ultimately scar. In order to cover this up, she started getting tattoos applied over the affected areas. After about 13 years, she has covered over 95% of her body, and holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world. NB: the tattoos are purely aesthetic and have not in any way helped with the blistering.

4. Tom Leppard The Leopard Man: Formerly the worlds most tattooed man, Tom Leppard now 76 years old is known worldwide as the Leopardman. He fled society years ago after spending £5,500 to have his body covered in leopard-like spots. Until 2008, He lived in a small cabin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He now spends the rest of his life solitarily in a terraced house on Broadford, scotland.

5. Erik Sprague The Lizard Man: 40 year old Erik Sprague is the Lizardman. He was one of the first people to have a split tongue and in some circles is seen to be wholly responsible for the recent popularity of this particular modification. He transformed himself into a reptile via 700 hours of tattooing, five Teflon horns implanted beneath the skin of his eyebrows, filing down of his teeth into sharp fangs, bifurcation of his tongue, stretching of his septum and earlobes, and recently, green-inked lips. There have been rumors of him hoping to get a tail transplant, however those have been debunked because according to Erik himself, it would be impossible.

6. Horace Ridler The Zebra Man: A professional freak and sideshow performer, Horace Ridler exhibited himself as The Great Omi or The Zebra Man. Horace was an English aristocrat who returned from the First World War to Twenties’ London where he began his transformation into one of the world’s greatest oddities. Tattooed from head to foot in black and white stripes, he became Omni – the Zebra Man. As the years wore on the Omi’s appearance became more and more outrageous as did his personality. He took to wearing lipstick and nail polish and signed his pitch cards, ‘the Barbaric Beauty’. Despite his appearance, “underneath it all, I’m just an ordinary man,” he insisted shortly before his death in 1969.

7. Lucky Diamond Rich World’s Most Tattooed Person: The ultimate in multi-layered tattooing is represented by the chainsaw juggling, unicycling, sword-swallowing Lucky Diamond Rich from Australia, who has spent over 1,000 hours having his body modified by hundreds of tattoo artists. The 41 year old began by having a full collection of colourful designs from around the world tattooed over his entire body. But not content with stopping there, Lucky next opted for a 100% covering of black ink, including eyelids, the delicate skin between the toes, down into the ears, and even his gums. He is now being tattooed with white designs on top of the black, and coloured designs on top of the white! He is now, officially, the world’s most tattooed person, having a full body coverage.

8. Elaine Davidson World’s Most Pierced Woman: Elaine Davidson is the World’s Most Pierced Woman, according to the Guinness World Records. Today, she has over 7000 piercings and the total weight of her jewelry is estimated to be about 3 kilograms.

9. Tiger Lady, Enigma’s ex-wife: The Tiger Lady is the stage name of the heavily modified female German performance artist and tattoo artist Katzen, whose full body tattoo theme is that of a tiger. She received extensive tattooing on all parts of her body and wears tiger whiskers attached via piercings on her face. She was once married to “The Enigma”. They got divorced and now she works at a tattoo shop in Houston, Texas.

10. Kala Kawai The Horned Man: Kala Kawai owns studio of body modification in Hawaii. 75% of his body is covered with Tattoo and has 67 piercings. He holds the record for the world’s largest implanted horns.