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Friday, 29 June 2012

Snoop Dogg arrested........


The American rapper was reportedly detained at the Kjevik Airport in Kristiansand, Norway after he was found to be carrying marijuana and more cash than he legally should have been.

Police reportedly found eight grams of the drug on the hip-hop star after a sniffer dog alerted them.
Although Norwegian law means suspects cannot be named, it has been widely reported that the incident involved Snoop.
The details remain hazy, with TMZ claiming Snoop was fined $1980.13 for the drugs offences.
Other reports suggest he paid $8,600 in total, with the rest of the charge apparently linked to the cash he was carrying.

Snoop is in the European country to perform at a music festival.
It’s not the first time the 40-year-old star has been arrested for cannabis possession. In January, several cigarettes containing the substance were found in his tour bus while he was in Texas.
He has faced similar arrests over the years, receiving a suspended 30-day jail sentence in 2002 for misdemeanour marijuana possession.

News Source: Channel O

How To Take care of Your Shoes!

1. Spray New Shoes with water proof protector!
It will prevent the surface from getting marred if they do get wet in the rain.

2. Alternate Pairs!
You want your shoes to have time to breathe between wearing. Also, let shoes dry for several hours before putting them in the dark recesses of your closet.

3. Add Taps and Half-soles of rubber to the bottoms.
A shoe repair ma can do this, the re-inforcements will add many more years to the life of your shoes.
Biscuit (Stone ) Cream Studded Skull High Tops | 254069815 | New Look

4.Use shoe Trees!
They help retain the shoe's shape. Use forms made of cedar for the pair worn that day, to absorb moisture.

5. Clean the insides!
This is especially important if odor is a problem. Swab them with alchohol or a drop of tea tree oil, an antifungal agent. Take care not to splash to avoid staining the leather. Wear hose or sock liners. These will protect against perspiration, which erodes insoles.

6. Polish Leather!
The salt in sweat dries out leather over time; polishing it regularly gives it supple.

Goldie is Either Unwell or Broken hearted!

Nigerian singer and Big Brother rep Goldie woke up from the wrong side because she spent most of the morning feeling unwell and also found difficulties in going about her morning routine of preparing breakfast for her fellow housemates.
The Nigerian lass laid on the couch for much of the morning and failed to eat her breakfast which got Keagan and Junia worried. They tried persuading her to eat something without much success.
Goldie kept on touching her tummy and fore head perhaps indicating that these were her source of the unusual mood.
The other time the singer got ill in the house was when her relationship with Prezzo had hit a bump. Prezzo then said that they were just friends, this got the singer feeling unwell for the following few days. Hopefully, her latest condition has nothing to do with her broken intimacy with Prezzo.
With the weekend knocking and the Saturday night party around the corner, we hope Goldie gets well in time for the weekend.

10 Tips To Stretch Your Wardrobe Cash!!!

1. Buy what works for you!
Dont waste your money buying two-piece suits if you work in a warehouse or store! Take your job  responsibilities into account when updating your wardrobe. If you work outdoors, buy clothing fit for your environment. Dont buy outfits that you wont feel comfortable in, cos you wont wear those items and that a BIG waste of valuable money!!!

2. Buy The right Size!
Dont get hung up on what size the clothing is tagged! If the article of clothing feels tight, pulls or seems stressed at the seams, it wont last as long, and will make you look heavier in the process. Buy clothing that fits you well and it will not only make you look better, it will last longer.

3. Buy for multi-season use!
Try to get fabrics that are multi-seasonal. A heavy, textured wool jacket is only good for the coldest of weather, buy outfits that best soothes the climate, cold or hot. You'll get more use from multi-season clothes than those with a single season focus.


4. Accessorise with Style!
Every wardrobe needs a certain investment in accessories. The considered use of scarves, jewelry and pins, ties and pocket squares, and even hosiery, shoes and hats can transform ordinary clothing into something extra-ordinary. Determine whether your colouring is cool or warm and let that guide you in choosing accessories, especially metal jewelry. Combining smart accessories with a basic wardrobe ensures you would always look co-ordinated and polished, not thrown together or haphazard.

5. Stick To Your Best Colours!
Have a professional colour! Analyse your wardrobe to determine what the most flattering colours are for you. By sticking to them, you'll always have mix and match capabilities and look great! Make sure they are the right ones for you!

6. Compatible Shoes and Hosiery!
For a work wardrobe, shoes and hosiery are the finishing touch. Get quality shoes and take care of them. Avoid fads and stick to classic designs like pumps and sling backs for women, and wingtips or oxfords for men.

7. Remember The Basics!
Suits and separates can form the very foundation of a great working wardrobe. Single and double-breasted long-sleeved blazers with matching skirts for women or pants for men or women are essential basics. Save the novelty items for your casual days at home, or for accessory pieces. Dont try to build a wardrobe around the trend of the moment. When the trend passes, you'll look dated. Purchase basic building pieces to build your wardrobe and you'll be able to mix and match pieces to create a lot of different looks with minimal investments.

8. Buy Quality over Quantity!
Consider buying items that are fully lined versus only partially lined or unlined (the clothing will 'hang' better and last longer). Purchase items with a good feel and drape to the fabric, and choose clothing distributors that have a reputation for quality.

9. Organise and Categorize!
Once you've determined your foundation colours for your wardrobe, you can organize and categorise your clothing for easy selection and wearing. Hang jackets by sleeve length, colour and garment length, or combined with matching pieces to create ready-made outfits. Put mix-and-match items near their foundation counterparts for easier selection. Move items that need cleaning to a specific area for easy pick-up and removal.

10. Take notes for future Use!
Whenever you are shopping, take along colour swatches of your basic colours and those determined to be right for you. Make a promise to yourself to stick with your correct colours, and keep note of what basic foundation items you already own. Make sure any item you purchase must either be compatible with at least two other items in your closet, or it must be a foundation garment that could be combined with other pieces to create many other outfits. In this way, you'll be sure to maximise your clothing cash and create a terrific wardrobe!

Karen Igho resumes at Naija FM July 1.......

Get ready to listen to Karen Igho on your radio as she joins the Naija FM 102.7 team as an on-air personality.

The news of the Big Brother Amplified 2011 winner making her way to Naija FM first emerged a few weeks ago.
Now, Megaletrics, owners of the Lagos-based pidgin English-style radio station have confirmed Karen will be joining ‘a talented team of radio hosts.’

You know I’m not a presenter but I’m going to do my best. I’m also going to put in my 100% for people to enjoy and l hope listeners would enjoy the show!’ the BBA winner said in a statement released by Naija FM.
Karen speaks Hausa, Urhobo and English fluently.

She is expected to resume on July 1, 2012 on the ‘Wetin Dey’ show on week nights from 10PM to 1AM, with Ife Salako aka Ifektive, who currently runs the ‘Flenjo Time’ show on week nights from 10PM to 6AM.
'Wetin Dey' with Karen and Ifektive

K-Solo goes ahead and launches album amidst controversy

Nigerian singer-producer, Oyeniyi Solomon, popularly known as K-solo, recently launched his ’Mr Pedigree’ album in the absence of his wife.
The album launch, which was held on Sunday, June 24, 2012, at Club Vegas, Ikeja, Lagos, was witnessed by a few celebrities, his fans, friends and family members.

Speaking to our correspondent minutes before the show started, K-solo said his wife would be attending, but that he preferred to make no further comments about the accusations. ‘It’s a personal issue and not a public one. When you hear about a husband and wife, what comes to mind is a Couple. And where do couples end up? The bedroom.’

Recently, his wife, Kikelomo, granted an interview with a popular weekly magazine, in which she levelled several accusations against the music producer, including battery and assault, cheating and fraud.

Avoiding further questions on the issue, K-solo talked about his new album, which he refers to as the ‘togetherness of Ksolo’ in one, saying it contains the RnB, Hip-Hop and dance hall part of him.

The host of the event was comedian, Omobaba , who took time to out to celebrate the guests that showed up including, City People boss, Seye Kehinde, Juju singer, Ayo Balogun, Lord of Ajasa, Art Quake , Aisha Abimbola and a few others.

Seun Kuti survives car accident......

Seun Kuti was, unknown to many, involved in an automobile accident on his way from his brother, Femi’s 50th birthday bash two weeks ago.

We’re told the accident, which happened on the night of Saturday, June 16, 2012, saw the young musician run into a pole along Agidingbi road in Ikeja.

His elder sister Yeni Kuti, confirmed the accident, but said Seun is doing well and is presently out of the country.
He is doing fine now. He didn’t sustain any injury and he is right now abroad‘, she said.

Boxing promoter offers Drake and Chris Brown $1m for a ‘rematch’


Singers Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1 million each to continue their fight in the boxing ring.
The offer was reportedly made by billionaire, Alki David through boxing promoter Damon Feldman, and it involves a $1 million grant to charity if the duo take on the challenge.
Speaking with the New York Daily News newspaper, Feldman said, ‘Obviously they have a grudge. It’s just three one-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt.’
He said the pay-per-view event will hold in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles and suggested Saturday, August 25, 2012, as the date.

On who he would like to have as the ring girl, Feldman expressed interest in Rihanna, saying that although he’s sure she will decline the offer, he is sure she will watch the punch-fest.
However, representatives from both camp are yet to declare any interest in the game.
The two artistes were recently involved in a fracas in the W.I.P nightclub, Manhattan, which led to a free for all fight injuring eight people, including NBA star, Tony Parker.

Meanwhile, rapper 50 cent has thrown his weight behind Chris Brown. He said this during an interview with California radio station KMEL,
‘I would take Chris…I guess it’s cause of all the physical things I see him doing with dancing and moving. He be slipping and moving. I don’t see Drake doing that. Chris be having his shirt off. He got one of them MMA fighter looks. Like he might have done karate when he was a kid. He’s kicking, doing splits and stuff. This could really get interesting’ he said.

Though the likelihood of the boxing match happening remains slim, one sure thing is the frenzy it will generate in the minds of the fans of both artistes.

Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Get Married Already?!

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth 

Is Miley Cyrus' engagement ring currently pulling double duty as a wedding band?
The last time we checked in on her and Liam Hemsworth, the betrothed duo were just that—betrothed.

But Hemsworth, while accepting the Film Breakthrough Award for his Hunger Games performance at the Australians in Film Awards last night, was recalling meeting Cyrus on the set of The Last Song when he added, "And now we're married."
Come again?

Hemsworth did say that, but he was just getting ahead of himself.
"I was fortunate enough to get called back in to read with my now fiancée, who I recently got engaged to...and we read together and fell in love and now we're married," the 22-year-old actor said.
"Well, not married yet," he quickly added. And Cyrus, bless her little fearless heart, yelled, "We will be!" from her seat.

"We will be," agreed Hemsworth.
We've certainly been privy to worse gaffes. At least this one was adorable!
Last night marked the happy couple's first red carpet together since announcing their engagement. They've had to spend a fair amount of time apart, with Hemsworth in New Orleans shooting the cop drama Empire State and Cyrus going to miami to work on her next


Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz Call It Quits Again, but "No Harsh Feelings"


Eva Longoria, Eduardo Cruz  
It looks like the second time wasn't the charm for Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz.
While the Desperate Housewives star and Penelope Cruz's brother had initially ended their relationship back in March, the two certainly packed on enough PDA in the ensuing months to suggest that the pretty pair had rekindled their romance.
In fact, as recently as last week, Longoria and Cruz were spotted smooching out in the open while in Spain.

Well, what a difference a few days make, as a source confirmed that the cute couple is a couple no more, but that Longoria and Cruz remain friends and "there are no harsh feelings."
The two first began dating back in February of last year after being introduced to each other on a yacht in Florida, just months after Longoria ended her marriage to NBA player Tony Parker.


Usher Gets Restraining Order Against Wannabe Wife After Unwelcome House Call......

This Usher fan's got it bad.
The R&B star has obtained a temporary restraining order against a 26-year-old woman who, according to the artist, showed up at his Atlanta home twice and, on her second visit, told the cops that she was his wife.
According to the documents filed in Fulton County Superior Court, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw's actions left Usher "in reasonable fear for his own safety and/or the safety of his immediate family."
But she argues that she is no stalker—and that Usher knows her.
Jones-Rakestraw posted a video yesterday in which she claims that she has archived voicemails she has received from Usher since meeting him last year.
"I'm assuming that when he calls me he expects me to answer his call and it doesn't matter how I get to him," she said. "That is the reason why I showed up at his property."
The complaint states that Jones-Rakestraw first showed up Saturday and police told her not to come back.

But she returned the following day and that's when, per the petition  obtained, she told responding officers that she was Mrs. Usher Raymond and had just misplaced her keys.
Somehow, that story didn't fly with the cops, and she was detained on suspicion of trespassing.
"I would like to make aware for my own purposes," she said, holding up for the camera the TRO paperwork she was served with, "that for the last year, at least since February 2011, me and Mr. Raymond have been exchanging finances through Western Union and Bank of America."
"I am not a stalker," she said. "I have been an advocate for Mr. Raymond and his family. He has been complaining constantly to me about his ankle pain, his headaches and his situation with obtaining custody of his children."

She claimed that Usher—or "Mr. Raymond," as she impersonally refers to him throughout the video—agreed to help her find a place to live, and that's why he was giving her money.
"I am in love with Mr. Raymond but I do not appreciate the fact that he has tried to charge me with stalking," she said, adding that he has "defamed her character" and she is "deeply disgruntled and hurt."

Usher's rep hasn't yet responded to a request for comment.


Lamar Odom Reportedly Returning to Los Angeles as a Clipper........


E! Upfront, Khloe Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom  

Welcome back, Lamar Odom!
It looks like Khloe Kardashian Odom and her hubby are here to stay, now that the NBA star has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, according to NBC Sports. We can think of at least eight people who are really happy about that.

A Kardashian source confirms Odom's agent has arranged a deal for him to return to the Clippers but adds that the deal is not yet inked.
Khloé, who spent the day with her sisters at the Jenner house, is "thrilled" at the prospect.

Lamar spent his first four years in the NBA as a Clipper when the team drafted him fourth overall in 1999.
Odom was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers last season to the Dallas Mavericks, where he played 50 games but was out for numerous games due to familly troubles.

The NBA star parted ways (in all but contract) with the Mavs in April, saying, "I'm sorry that things didn't work out better for both of us...but I wish the Mavs' organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship."

Lamar was named NBA's Sixth Man of the Year for the Lakers for the 2010-11 season.

Kanye West paid $34,000 for this tacky Father’s Day gift for Jay Z.......

What does a narcissist buy a fellow narcissist who has everything?
Musician Kanye West dropped $34,000 on a golden skull as a Father’s Day gift for Jay Z, according to MTV. But the absurdity doesn’t stop there.

Yeezy also hired a private jet (at considerable expense) to pick up the tacky thing and personally deliver it to the father of 2. Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed a daughter in January. He also has a son by a video groupie.

The longtime friend of Blue Ivy’s dad wanted to make sure that there would be no mishaps with the thoughtful gift so he went and handled things on his own. Bumping the standard shipping service, Kanye took a private jet along with a courier to assure that the present would be safe.

As we all imagined both Jay and Bey are super excited about being parents constantly gushing about their baby girl who was recently named an honorary citizen of the Croatian Island Hvar. Little Blue was bestowed this honor due to her then-pregnant mom releasing dozens of personal photos including an intimate clip filmed while visiting the island.

Quincy Jones says Sean Combs doesn’t know Diddy squat about music.....

Well-respected music producer Quincy Jones joins the long list of people wondering why rapper Sean Combs is still relevant musically.

“P. Diddy wouldn’t know a B-flat” if it hit him in the face, said Jones to singer Bruno Mars at an event to launch a new music app on Tuesday. “P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing. He’s got clothes companies and Ciroc vodka,” said Jones after telling the audience to “learn your craft.”
Most so-called “producers” actually depend on real producers who create the music but see the credit go to the bigger name producer, such as Sean Combs.
Case in point: An unknown Stevie J languished behind the mixing boards in the studio crafting music for Puff Daddy, who then took all the credit in the 1990s.

Other producers who took credit for other people’s work include Dallas Austin and Jermaine Durpri. Which explains why they can’t buy a hit today.

Celebs Out & About: Chris Brown, Shaq, Pink, Adam Lambert.....

Troubled singer Chris Brown rudely shooed away a fan as he exited his hotel in New York earlier this month. Brown makes it no secret that he detests brown skinned women. Especially after that incident in Miami when he snatched a dark skinned sista’s iPhone after she snapped a pic of him.

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal dances as he directs traffic on the set of ‘Grown Ups 2′ on Thursday. Shaq, who has a PhD in education, wore a prosthetic balding wig.

Singer Pink was seen taking her baby Willow Sage Hart to Toy Crazy store in Malibu, California Thursday.

Actress Sofia Vergara was seen shopping in Milan, Italy on Thursday.

Gay pop idol Adam Lambert gives the paps the peace sign as he arrives at BBC Radio 2 Wednesday afternoon in London.

LadyMay Spends the night outside Again!!!!

Is it winter in South Africa or not? If yes, is it too in the Big Brother House or not? Well, we’ll soon find out the truth because the Namibian lady is seriously confusing us with “her bedroom”.
Sometime back Lady May adopted a new habit of sleeping outside in the cold while her fellow Housemates enjoy the true warmth of their dreamlands.
Housemates saw Lady May’s act as very weird and they started pressing her buttons to see how far she could continue behaving in the same way.
Housemates led by Maneta sometime back started stepping on Lady May’s toes to see whether she was to change her ways or not. With the king of pranks by then, Keitta, the Housemates hid her shoe all looking for was the Namibian to say a word to them but still to no avail.
Surprisingly, when the nominations were about to strike, the Namibian started putting up in the House with her fellow Housemates and was seen too sharing talks with them at different times .
We failed to know whether it was because she wanted to get anything about who was to nominate who or it was the right time for her to stop feeling the cold.
Recently,Housemates were a little bit surprised to see the Namibian associating freely with them and she even reached an extent of listening to the gossip Keitta and the group were dishing.
She not only talked with them, she was also seen involving in a group dance moment the Housemates shared a day before Barbz‘s eviction.
We were asking ourselves whether the Neutral Namibian had changed her game strategy by starting associating with her fellow Housemates the thing she had vowed not to do during her stay in the House.
In one of her recent Diary sessions which was just three days back, Lady May made it clear again that she is not to associate with any one in the House but we didn’t hear her mentioning that she was to start sleeping outside again.
But yesterday as the Housemates were preparing to set off for dreaming in the bedroom, Lady May was organizing her bed in the garden!
We thought that it was just a piece of cake for her to sleep outside but as she woke up in the morning, she gathered up her body to get some warmth as the weather looked very icy.
We are therefore asking, what could have been the reason for the Namibian to go back to her ways…..Did the Housemates piss her again?…..Let’s wait.

US Department Of Justice Executes Forfeiture On US Assets of Former Bayelsa Gov. DSP Alamieyesigha


DSP Alamieyeseigha during a court appearance before his "conviction" for money laundering by the EFCC
The Department of Justice executed a forfeiture order Thursday on $401,931 in a Massachusetts brokerage fund traceable to an allegedly corrupt former Nigerian governor.
The forfeiture was the first victory for a fledgling Justice Department initiative dedicated to seeking out assets in the U.S. linked to high-level foreign corruption.
Prosecutors filed court papers in April 2011 targeting a $600,000 Maryland home and a Massachusetts brokerage account belonging to Diepreye Peter Solomon Alamieyeseigha, governor of Nigeria’s oil-producing Bayelsa State from 1999 to 2005. According to prosecutors, Alamieyeseigha’s assets were the proceeds of corruption. Alamieyeseigha denied the allegations in court filings.
Earlier this month, a federal district judge in Massachusetts granted a motion for default judgment and civil forfeiture on the brokerage account. Prosecutors executed the forfeiture order Thursday.
“With a declared income of less than $250,000, Mr. Alamieyeseigha accumulated millions of dollars worth of property over a six-year period,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said in a news release. “Today’s announcement – the first forfeiture judgment obtained under our Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative – sends a powerful message about the United States’ commitment to rooting out corruption far and wide.”
A Nigerian court sentenced Alamieyeseigha to two years in prison in 2007 for failing to declare assets in Nigeria, South Africa and the U.S. Prosecutors said he bought more than $8 million in properties with bribes he received from contractors while serving as governor. Alamieyeseigha also pleaded guilty to money laundering on behalf of two companies he controlled — Solomon & Peters Ltd. and Alamieyeseigha and Santolina Investment Corp.
In 2006, the High Court of Justice in London found that three of Alamieyeseigha’s properties there, as well as accounts held by Santolina, represented bribe money or were traceable to bribes Alamieyeseigha took from contractors in Nigeria. After he was arrested at Heathrow Airport in 2005, police found about $1.6 million in cash in his house.
A lawyer for Alamieyeseigha didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
In civil forfeiture cases, the Justice Department can file complaints in federal court against property, rather than individuals, linked to foreign corruption. The forfeiture against Alamieyeseigha’s Maryland house is pending in federal court in Maryland.
The Justice Department didn’t say where the forfeited funds would be directed. According to the news release, “where appropriate [the Justice Department will] return those proceeds to benefit those harmed.” A Justice Department spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry about whether or not the funds would be returned to Nigeria.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Prezzo and I? Dats a No! No! - Barbz

During an exclusive interview with evicted South African BBA representative Barbz, the model said how ‘loving’ CMB Prezzo was never to happen.
With 48-days gone in the Big Brother Africa StarGame reality TV show, South Africa’s celebrity model Barbz became casualty number 21 to exit the house in one of the most dramatic evictions witnessed in the continental show so far.
It had been a tumultuous and exciting week during which Nigeria’s Goldie — who has been hanging on a fling with Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo — had swiped the 4 Show 4 Shizzo rapper with Ghana’s Keitta.

Torn between love and loyalty, Goldie, easily the crybaby of the house, felt that she had betrayed Barbz, her best friend — by leaving her on the chopping board when she needed her the most.
“I was caught up in the moment and confused — I had to replace Prezzo with Keitta. I’m so sorry Barbz,” she said as she sank to her knees in front of the South African on Sunday.
Fast forward to Tuesday and speaking on the phone, a rather jovial sounding Barbz revealed how her heart had been locked against Kenya’s Prezzo since the first day when they had an altercation.

“There was nothing going for me and him. From what I had known about him, nothing would have changed between me and him even if I stayed on,” Barbz said, seemingly unapologetic for having been the only housemate to nominate Prezzo three times during the over one month stay.
“I have no regrets whatsoever. I enjoyed the beautiful journey. I now have to focus on going back to work and running my new business,” she remarked.
Barbz, a 34-year-old rather laid-back and composed lady was rather perky when asked if she had found love in the Big Brother house.

“I have a thing for people from Ghana,” Barbz said. She was referring to Keitta, for whom she had developed some liking.
The model admitted that she had no chance of survival against Keitta dismissing the wide public view that she had been axed simply because most African countries don’t side with South Africa when it comes to the voting blocks.
“I can’t put my figures to it. Whatever Africa thinks is its own view. Keitta had an upper hand and there is nothing I could do about it. “It is simple; I remained true to self, had fun and enjoyed myself. I am happy that I guarded my morals and represented South Africa well,” she quipped.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lady May Breaks Down ........

Diary Room: Lady May Breaks Down

The always guarded Lady May finally dropped her guard this afternoon and broke down in tears during her diary session. “I want to sleep all day. I don’t want to speak,” the songstress repeatedly stated with tears streaming down her face.

Since moving into the Big Brother House the Namibian has been the most private out of all the Housemates choosing to rather keep her emotions to herself which sparked a lot of tension between her and her fellow StarGamers who condemned her for isolating herself.

For the heavily guarded lass, Barbz's exit from the BBA House seems to have been the final straw.

The two celebrity women had begun growing closer over the past week and as soon as Big Brother enquired the singer if her sullen mood had anything to do with the South African’s Eviction, she burst into tears. “I have to be strong in this House for my country. I miss Barbz,” muttered the celebrity Housemate through her tears.

Throughout the diary session the usually bubbly Lady May remained despondent and in a soft whisper she confessed to Big Brother: “Sometimes I just don’t want to be strong.”

Biggie did his best to try and console her as he told her that everyone has bad days and she should not beat herself up about it. He then reminded her that he would always be here for her if she needed someone to talk to this seems to have helped lift her spirits a bit.

Hopefully Biggie’s words will be enough to help Lady May to stay strong. Hang on Lady May and just remember that Africa is rooting for you.

3rd Mainland Bridge Closure: Lagos State rolls out list of alternate routes

The State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, along with other government officials on Wednesday briefed press men in Alausa, Ikeja concerning the upcoming of the that would result in its partial closure.
Dr. Hamzat said that although, the bridge would be partially closed during the period, from July to November, adequate measures had been put in place by the state government to manage traffic.
He stressed that the work to be carried out is to ensure the bridge’s durability and make it serve residents better, adding that Lagosians need not worry about the planned .
According to him, though, the bridge would be partially closed during the repair period, from July to November, adequate measures had been put in place by the state government to manage traffic.
He said: “Everybody says we don‘t have maintenance culture. This is maintenance culture. The bridge needs to be maintained and this is what is happening.

“When the bridge, which has eight expansion joints, was constructed, it was constructed as two structures hanging on one. One will notice that when vehicles get to these joints, the bridge vibrates.
“And, as more vehicles pass through these joints, the bridge compresses. So, the repair work that is going to be done is to strengthen the joints in order for it to function properly.
“The maintenance work is very necessary. It is actually for the safety of its users and the durability of the bridge.“

Diversion routes
According to Hamzat, the road linking Yaba to Oyingbo, down to Funsho Williams Avenue is one of the strategic roads that had been provided by the government in the last five years.
The commissioner assured that more roads would be worked on by the government before the closure to ease traffic during the period.
Also speaking on the arrangement, Opeifa said the government had evolved a comprehensive traffic management plan to ensure that the impact of the repairs on traffic was minimal.
He said a good number of the state‘s traffic officials were deployed to the different routes identified for diversions around the bridge to ensure that the plan worked.
He said: “The traffic management strategy is structured around the current use of the bridge. And, the direction of flow of vehicular traffic determines the diversion strategy.
“We have also examined other roads that would be used during the period and we have structured our strategy towards these roads.
“The road will be closed between 00:00am and 12:00 pm. These are the times of diversion and these are the critical times. During these times, there will be two scenarios.
“In the morning that is between 00:00am and 12:00pm, when coming from the Island to the Mainland, at Adeniji- Adele, one is expected to divert to Carter Bridge.
“When one gets to Carter Bridge, one is expected to proceed to Iddo, where the redistribution will happen.
“From Iddo, one can proceed to Herbert Macaulay Way down to Jibowu and link either Agege Motor Road or Ikorodu Road.
”Also, from Iddo, one may like to link Ijora Olopa, one will need to link Eko Bridge and from that bridge one can get to Funsho Williams Avenue.
“ From Funsho Williams Avenue, between Ojuelegba and Moshalasi, one can decide to use either Ikorodu Road or Agege Motor Road to link other parts of the mainland. “
Ibirogba said the new Traffic Radio would provide comprehensive traffic information during the repair period to also help manage traffic.

He urged residents not to entertain fears about the repair of the bridge, assuring that the government would do its best to ensure its impact on traffic was minimal.

-Vanguard NG

Before you point that finger, let’s talk about your nails

Painting of the finger and toe nails is an art in itself, an art that many ladies don’t pay attention to but should.
The ability for a lady who loves fashion to paint her nails is an advantage she has over men of fashion. Painting of the nails shouldn’t be a haphazard exercise, it’s an activity that should be carefully done and properly done to produce the desired effect.
At least one or twice a month a lady should go for a full on manicure and pedicure, even those ladies who don’t like to have coloured nails can engage in this refreshing and relaxing exercise as the process includes exfoliating the feet and palms which is healthy, it could be taken further to having the nails coloured in if requested for.

Here are some tips:
1. No nail biting, it’s such a turn off and leaves the nails and cuticles looking haggard.
2. A lady shouldn’t walk around with severely chipped nail polish on her nails.
3. A lady shouldn’t carry the same nail polish for more than two weeks.
4. A lady should go to a spa or salon for a manicure and pedicure at least one a month
5. After taking off a colour of nail polish, a new one shouldn’t be coated immediately as the nails need time to rest so as to avoid discolouration of the nails.
6. If you must wear nail extensions be careful so they don’t hurt your actual nails
7. If you must wear long or stiletto nail extensions be wise about it so as to avoid hurting yourself and those around you, especially children.

Here are a few tips to saving the cash and going DIY with your own manicure and pedicure at home.
You’ll need a basin to soak your feet in, warm water preferably.
A pumice stone to gently scrub off dead cells in the feet, exfoliating oil.
Toe separator, to prevent nail polish from smudging.
Nail varnish remover, cotton wool, file, nail clippers, cuticle cutters and of course a variety of nail polishes.

To apply long lasting nail polish follows these steps:
1. Pour some nail varnish remover into cotton wool and clean the nails properly then wash your hands with warm water and soap
2. After your hands are dry, apply the first coat of nail polish, which should be translucent, this is serves as a base for the actual colour to be used.
3. When the first coat has set, apply two thin coats of the desired colour and allow to set
4. Apply the fourth coat which should be translucent as well to give the polish a glossy and shiny effect.
5. To make the nails try faster you can place both hands in front of a fan, or better still purchase quick dry nail polish.

There are various types of nail polishes in vogue now, metallic, neon and pastels; they all look great when applied properly. There is a trend now that’s very hippie and loved by many, it’s basically adding an alternate colour of polish to the finger nails. The monochrome trend just wasn’t enough; the dichromatic and trichromatic trends came into play, a move only for the bold.

It’s important for a lady to pay attention to her polished nails because being stylish isn’t just about the clothes, even the nails should be able to say something about the sense of style of the wearer.

David Beckham misses out on Olympic dream......

London 2012 Olympics: David Beckham left out of Team GB football squad

Former England captain David Beckham revealed Thursday he had not been picked for Great Britain’s Olympic football squad.
Beckham, regarded as a potential skipper of the side, confirmed in a statement he had not made the final 18-man squad as one of coach Stuart Pearce’s three over-age players.
Pearce had travelled to the United States to assess Beckham’s form last week before making his decision.
“Everyone knows how much playing for my country has always meant to me,” Beckham said in a statement. “So I would have been honored to have been part of this unique Team GB squad.
“Naturally I am very disappointed, but there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me. And like everyone, I will be hoping they can win the gold.”
Beckham, 37, had spoken repeatedly of his desire to play in an Olympics staged in his hometown.
The former Manchester United and Real Madrid was widely expected to be granted a place in the squad as reward for his role in helping London win the Olympics at the 2005 International Olympic Committee vote in Singapore.
The football superstar’s presence on the campaign trail in Singapore is often credited as being one of the key factors in tipping the vote in London’s favour during the final few days of lobbying.

Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway Collapses........

Aside from the severe flooding and heavy rainfall reported in various parts of Lagos state following the nightlong rain, which left several access routes in Lagos engulfed by gully erosion, a section of the Lagos-Ibadan has totally collapsed and sunk for the second time in the last one year.
The highwaycollapse, which was as a result of the overwhelming erosion from the last rainfall, saw a freight truck falling over, and traffic gridlock extending from Obadeyi Bus stop to Kollington Bus Stops along the road.
Heavy erosion has taken a big chunk of the road, just as it did last yearJuly. It took time for the road repairs, and it is not known when the new collapse might be repaired. Transportation became scarce for the regular users of the road, and its bus fees hiked. Serious flooding has also been reported at Surulere, Agege, and environs early this morning.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Jim Iyke’s case of fraud thrown out .......


Nollywood top gun, Jim Iyke can now breathe easy knowing he doesn’t have to be back in court again. Case of fraud which has been hanging over him for some time now has been thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

Nollywood star, Jim Iyke

The $100,000 scam case involving him has been thrown out by the court clearing Jim Iyke of any liability. The case which was instituted by one Habiba Abubakar was quashed for lack of evidence.
Commenting about the dismissal,

Jim said:

“Yes it is over. It’s just a business venture and someone in the partnership wanted more because they’re connected and I won’t back down and they said I defrauded them. The judge struck it out and ended the case this week for lack of evidence. We have long resolved out of court.”

Beyonce writes open letter to Michael Jackson......

Micheal Jackson receives tribute artwork from Beyonce, October 2011

Monday, June 25, 2012 marked three years since mega pop star Michael Jackson passed away. Star singer Beyonce has continued with her now-famous open letters as she recently published a heartfelt letter to the late King of Pop.

Read below:

When I was just starting out, my first producer used to make me listen to Michael Jackson’s live performance of “Who’s Loving You.” He would have me watch that for hours back to back to back.
What he wanted me to learn was his soul. You could hear his soul. And he was this little kid who hadn’t experienced love but he was a vessel. For whatever reason he could evoke more emotion than an adult. It was so raw and so pure. It was these little things that he did that were just swag. It’s something that’s God given.
Michael taught me that sometimes you have to forget technique, forget what you have on. If you feel silly, you have to go from the gut just let it go.
Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am – thank you Michael.
Love always,